This was in fact easier than I thought. What did the trick was to
physically swap the faulty disk with a new one and then "zpool detach
(faulty disk)"

After that a "zpool replace" went like a charm.

Problem solved.

On 15.10.14 20:32, 'Busty' via zfs-macos wrote:
> In my pool, I had a disk that got a smart error (bad block), so I pulled it 
> out, installed a new one and made a 
> "zpool replace disk5s2 806745480046791602". (That number was shown when 
> typing "zpool status" as the missing device.)
> The resilver process started, but it seems that the new disk is faulty, 
> because it disappears from the device list infrequently, but still at least 
> every 6 hours (I have Temperature Monitor running which shows me all disks 
> by serial number).
> So I want to change it. But zpool detach <poolname> dev/disk5s2 gives the 
> error "no such device in pool".
> How can I abort the resilvering process? Or is there another way to restart 
> the resilvering with a new disk?
> The original disk with the bad block is already on its way to Western 
> Digital (it was still in warranty).


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