Bleach 329

My point stands I really dont think ichigo's current bankai is even
close to full potential and like I said in his fight against ulq we
will see another meeting with old man zangetsu. Everyone acts like its
so absurd and that he has to get some kind of other powerup but recall
renji and how much his bankai has progressed it was just easier to
tell with his bankai because it actually has a "form" so its easier to
note an expansion in its abilities from his fight against byakuya to
his fight against the espada. Like I said before ichigo is the main
character of the manga and currently his bankai is just a power/speed
boost his hollow form is just another power/speed boost people act
like im proposing some dragon ball z super sayan 2 mode if anything I
want him to stray away from that because thats all hes been given so
far more power more speed no new tricks no new abilities nothing.

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