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*Senior SQL Server DBA***

*Location:* Washington, DC

*Rate:* OPEN

*Duration: *6 months with extensions

*Skill Set Requirements: *

1.    Have at least two to three (2-3) years of experience in *data

2.    Have at least three to five (3-5) years of experience with *data
administration, data modeling, and relational database design.*

3.    Have at least two to five (2-5) years of experience working with
SQL Server 2000* and at least two (2) years working with *Microsoft SQL
Server/Integration Services 2005*.

4.    At least three (3) years of experience in Information Engineering
(various stages of the life cycle).

5.    Hands-on experience working with *network protocols, hardware and
application packages*.

6.    Understanding of how to develop mechanisms for data access and
management across heterogeneous networks and platforms.

7.    Extensive knowledge of *Windows Server and Windows Server

8.    Experience with the *CASE tool physical database design*.

9.    Effective writing and interpersonal communication skills.

10.  Large *data warehouse/dimensional database modeling*.

11.  Strong database optimization skills

*Job description:*

   1. Conduct analysis of the existing business processes, underlying data
   sources, their data quality and the report generation methodology.
   2. Define the functional and business requirements of the CSPMI database
   and its dashboards.
   3. Generate non-functional prototypes of the dashboards, the associated
   reports, graphs and data tables.
   4. Define a phasing approach that will see the solution implemented using
   an architecturally sound approach, while ensuring that high-priority
   functionality is implemented.
   5. Design and architect each component of the system to conform to the
   defined functional requirements and design specifications
   6. Develop user system interfaces to support data extraction with
   existing Amtrak systems on a regular ongoing basis.
   7. Responsibilities include development, testing deployment,
   implementation and user training.
   8. Roll out the new business reporting system across the Amtrak network,
   in accordance with a pre-defined roll-out plan.
   9. Using generally accepted project management principles and technique
   perform all of the project management tasks necessary to control the
   project's scope, schedule, and budget.
   10. Define and implement any organizational and system support structures
   needed to operate and maintain the new systems and processes.
   11. Develop intranet page for Users to communicate and access metric

*The following is the scope of end deliverables for this project:*

   1. Consolidation of the following Customer Service information types for
   display, analysis, reporting, and follow-up actions :

1.1.  Customer complaint / commendation data

1.2.  Food and beverage sales and revenues data

1.3.  Customer service feedback data

1.4.  Service manager feedback data

1.5.  On-time performance data

1.6.  Employee and crew performance data

1.7.  Ridership and revenue data

1.8.  Mechanical fault information

1.9.  Station profile information

   1. A set of displays, reports and dashboards that address all of the
   above information types, with drill-down features and other to-be-defined
   2. A limited series of pre-defined reports and displays for each of the
   Customer Service information types itemized in # 1 above.
   3. A set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to manage and maintain
   the entire system.
   4. A set of standard User Operating Procedures to maintain the
   application itself.
   5. A set of training material designed to train the various types of
   users who will be using the system.
   6. An intranet page to support and house project deliverables.
   7. The CSPMI Data Warehouse is being implemented on a MS SQL Server 2005
   RDBMS and Business Objects XI R2 is the enterprise BI Platform.    SQL
   Server Integration Services has been installed and will serve as the primary
   Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processing software.

Thanks & Regards, Sunil, MetaPro IT Solutions, Tel: - 913-538-5491
Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Yahoo IM: DTechRecruiter

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