One Piece 518

i think some people are confused about her ability. she supposedly has
two ways of turning you into stone. The way she did it against the
marines due to her charm( i don't know what to call it) and having the
eyes on her back. According to the story, if you see her back you'll
automaticallly turn into stone. since he didn't, its likely that the
story about the gorgon sisters was fabricated. Its most likely
somethiing so embarrasing that she doesn't want anyone knowing about
it as opposed to something dangerous.

I wonder how long oda will stick witht the strictly luffy arc. I don't
mind it, it'll be nice to see him grow a little before reuniting with
everyone. I wouldn't be surprised if he strictly focused on Zoro next.
Only problem i can see with that is the impending execution which is
very close now.

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