This is Manoj from Sriveninfosys Inc....We have a hot requirement on .NET 
Developer Please send me the updated resume of your consultant ASAP.


Please reply me at: [EMAIL PROTECTED] 

 Local consultants only as client will not accept Non Local candidates

 Title                 : .NET Developer

 Location         : Plano, TX

 Duration         : 7 Months

 Job Description: 

  a..  XO Communications is seeking a mid level developer with a minimum of 5 
years of development experience. The ideal candidate will have minimum 
proficiency in C# .NET, ADO.net, SQL Server 2000, SQL, .NET Web Service, .NET 
based Window Service, Oracle, XSD and XSL. Telecom, Perl, JAVA and NANT Build 
Script experience is a plus! 
  b.. The main responsibilities include development of real-time telecom 
applications. The candidate will provide software support and troubleshoot 
applications for specific issues and at times may need to be available for 24/7 
support. The ideal candidate will also enhance existing applications from 
customer specific requirements. 

  a..  Adheres to Development policies and procedures 
  b.. Acts as a role model within and outside the department  
  c.. Performs duties as workload necessitates  
  d.. Maintains a positive and respectful attitude  
  e.. Abides by internal and external codes of ethics and confidentiality with 
regards to information maintained by XO Communications  
  f.. Demonstrates flexible and efficient time management and ability to 
prioritize workload 
  g.. Meets department productivity standards and set goals 
  h.. Performs work with consistency, accuracy, responsiveness 
  i.. Takes ownership of assigned duties, projects and goals  
  j.. Demonstrates adaptability to change, and initiates or identifies change 
when necessary 
  k.. Continually maintains a detailed level of knowledge of best practices, 
training, and reporting among peers and other teams  
  l.. Communicates effectively and regularly with management and co-workers 

Required Skills: 

The candidate will need to perform common tasks such as: 
  a..  C#.NET: The candidate should have very good understanding of C# language 
to code for Web and Windows based Services. Candidates should also be familiar 
with upgrading from .Net Framework 1.1 to 2.0, 3.0. 
  b.. ADO.NET: The candidate should also have good knowledge of using ADO.NET 
to perform database like connectivity and transactions. 
  c.. SQL Server 2000: The candidate will use SQL Server as a database. 
  d.. SQL: The candidate will use SQL to extract data from the database. The 
candidate should also be comfortable with creating stored procedures, tables, 
triggers and fine tuning the SQL queries. . Ideally, Candidate should have SQL 
Server 2005 Experience. 
  e.. .NET Web Service: The candidate should have good knowledge of creating 
and using .NET Web Services to integrate with other .NET and Java applications. 
  f.. .NET based Windows Service: The candidate will use Windows Service to 
create scheduler tasks to get and process requests from other applications. The 
candidate should be comfortable with installing, running and managing windows 
services on the server. 
  g.. XSD: The candidate will use a XSD schema to represent XML and also to 
validate the XML format. 
  h.. XSL: The candidate will use XSL to extract data from the xml. 
  i.. Oracle: 
  j.. The candidate will have a strong understanding of SQL (non DBA) such as: 
String parsing, and date handling functions in Oracle. Also useful but not 
required, Oracle PLSQL language
Preferred Skills: 

  a.. Perl: 
The candidate will use Perl to develop telecomm scripts that connect to network 
elements and activate/deactivate interfaces, execute password changes, and 
perform other simple tasks.

  a.. Telecom: 
The candidate will have a good understanding of network elements (ideally CISCO 
and/or JUNIPER), how they interact with the end user and with each other. 
Previous experience writing telnet scripts for all types of network switches, 
is a plus!

  a.. JAVA: 
The candidate must have strong knowledge of Java such as: File Handling, 
Telnet, Logging ( Log4j ), ANT scripts, String parsing and experience 
integrating with java applications.


Thanks and Regard's

Technical Recruiter,
Sriven Infosys Inc,
(  (212) 999-6251 Ext: 208
Alt (  718-715-4195 Ext:208
Fax: (212) 658-9460



Sriven Infosys Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified applicants will 
receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, 
sex, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, disability, age, military or 
veteran status, and other characteristics 
We help our clients, employees & partners compete and win!
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