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Greetings from MetaPro USA,

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*Sr. Software Engineer*

*I am looking for very Sr. person with min 10 years of experience. Please DO
NOT submit candidates with 6, 7 years of experience*

*Skills*: Java Developer, Programmer, Web, OO Design, Object Orient, Java,
HTML, GUI Development

Duration: 1-2 months+

Location: Monrovia, CA

Rate: $55-$60/hr. c2c (max. & best)


Create a working framework for a Web 2.0 program using Spring MVC or other
appropriate framework and demonstrate the ability to create a single screen
using an appropriate Widget set such as Yahoo UI or DoJo.

*These duties include*:

·         Advice on appropriate technology and layer for sending data
retrieved from APIs.

·         Work with development to understand the desired look and feel of a
screen and recommend alternatives based on the Widget set selected.

·         Create a proof of concept for this framework by creating a

·         Ensure that GUI meets 508 compliance criteria. Ensure NLS
support.Framework needs to support modern Web 2.0 application

·         Create quick architectural diagrams showing proposed use of

·         Diagrams will capture what technologies will be used at the server
side and the client side of the Web 2.0 application.

·         Work in an Open Source environment checking in code as quickly as
possible. Show continuous progress by having code reviewed by development
and demonstrate a working prototype (ie. per Agile methodology)

·         Development provides API set, contractor provides framework to
send data to client, display the data in screens part of which change their
look based on the API.


·         JSP 2.1

·         Spring 2.5

·         MVC 2.5

·         Framework 2.5

·         YUI Widgets 2.5.2 or DoJo as appropriate

·         Struts 2.0.x (currently

·         JSF if appropriate

·         Netbeans 6.1 IDE experience preferred.

·         Netbeans IDE experience preferred

NOTE: Will consider other Widget sets and libraries as long as they are Open
Source and covered by certain license agreements such as the The Apache
Software License, Version 2.0 license

BS Computer Science, Java 1.5 + certificate and other certificates will be
considered but are not required.

Thanks & Regards, Sunil, MetaPro IT Solutions, Tel: - 913-538-5491
Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Yahoo IM: DTechRecruiter

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