Following is the opening with AT&T

Local candidates only

*Position Title:* Business Analysis/Mgm

*Location:* Florham Park, NJ

 *Duration:* 12 months

*Phone interview-* Yes

Project Description:
(What project will the contractor be working on?)

Do not submit if submitted and Rejected on SRs 33649, 33840 or 34455

***** Manager will conduct a Phone Interview initially but will require IN
PERSON Interview afterwards *****

Forecasting and optimizatioon of Radio Access Network

Job Description:
(What will the contractor do on that project?)

Here is the overall requirement:

- At lease an MS in Operations Research or Applied Math (Ph.D. preferred)
- Demonstrated strength in constrained optimization techniques.
- Experience in AMPL and CPLEX is highly desired
- Expertise in queuing models : both theory and implementation
- Strong in Oracle, Unix/Shell
- Some experience in developing computationally oriented code in C or C++
- Excellent oral and written communication skills
- Web experience (Java/JavaScript/HTML/XML) will be a big plus

 * Following Skill must be there in the resume demonstrated in the project

*Skill Matrix:*

*Skill     Experience         Need*

1) Mathematical Optimization Expert Required
2) Queuing models Expert Required
3) Unix Intermediate Required
4) Oracle Intermediate Required
5) PL/SQL Intermediate Required
6) Perl/Awk Intermediate Desired
7) Web development skills Intermediate Desired
8) M.S. in OR, Math or related area Expert Required
9) Ph.D. in OR, Math or related area Expert Desired
10) Communication skills Expert Required**

*If you are interested in exploring this opportunity please send me your
updated resume with the following details. *



Skill matrix:

Thanks & Regards,

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