Hello Friends am looking for the- Secutrity Operations Analyst

* Security Operations Analyst –Bothell WA*

* *

Job Description:

·          The Network Security team maintains the data network security
infrastructure and provides information security based on the enforcement of
the T-Mobile security policies.

·          They enforce access control policies through firewalls, URL
content filtering, and VPN configuration.

·          The team also assists application owners to understand and
implement the security aspects of their applications and advises on best
security practices for new company projects and initiatives.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

·          Use network monitoring tools to identify, troubleshoot, and
resolve network security issues

·          Create, review and approve Method of Procedures (MOPs) for
planned break/fix changes and updates

·          Use change control procedures to implementing security changes

·          Analyze network traffic patterns, system logs, and audit files
for compliance with security polices

·          Maintain URL filtering systems

·          Perform firewall administration and Access Control List

·          Configure and administer Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

·          Review security patches for applicability, deployment, and
business risk

Minimum Required Skills / Competencies:-Functional/Technical Skills

·          High-level network troubleshooting ability

·          Ability to plan, organize and prioritize tasks to complete
independently and within time frame established

·          In-depth knowledge of security best practices in large-scale

·          In-depth knowledge of the security technologies such as but not
limited to:

·          Checkpoint firewall technologies

·          Nokia security appliance platforms

·          VPN technologies

·          Content caching technologies

·          URL filtering systems

·          Encryption protocols

·          In-depth knowledge of the following networking technologies

·          Secure transfer protocols such as SSH, SCP and Connect Direct
Secure Plus

·          Diagnostic tools such as packet capture/decode and WAN probes

·          Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux administration

·          Networking components including routers, switches, etc.

·          Ethernet networks

·          TCP/IP protocols

·          SNMP

·          OSI Seven Layer Model

·          OSPF, BGP routing protocols

Preferred skills:

·          Familiarity with network security best practices

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Tel:  732  823  6471*103
Fax: 732 438  6973
*URL: **www.nihaki.com* <http://www.nihaki.com/>

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