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Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Duration: 6 months
* 6+ years of architectural/high-level design experience with large-scale,
complex n-tier scalable systems in a 24x7 production environment.
* 6+ years experience developing client and server applications with Java.
Experience with multi-threaded applications is desired.
* 3+ years experience working with XML, using DTDs and Schemas to define XML
structures, using a variety of parsers, using XPath and XSLT to modify XML
* Project related experience with Service Oriented Architectures and common
service APIs such as SOAP and particularly REST.
* Previous experience with agile development methodologies, in particular
* Effective execution working in a distributed team model, including
successful consensus-building.
* Excellent interpersonal and communication (written and verbal) skills.
* Capable of functioning independently and as part of a team.

* Experience with database access from Java applications using traditional
JDBC as well as Java Persistence APIs (JPA).
* Familiarity with Subversion version control system for source code
management. Ivy dependency manager, and Apache Ant.
* Familiarity with the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment
* Use of Open Source Technologies
* Knowledge of object oriented analysis and design, UML and design patterns
*Experience in Struts/Tapestry

Optimum Technology Solutions Inc.
Our Mission is to consistently deliver optimum, cost effective, valuable
IT-based solutions to our clients

Optimum Technology Solutions Inc.,
95 White Bridge Road, Suite 111,
Nashville, TN-37205
Phone:  615-301-8656; 615-292-3047
Fax : 615-523-2880

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