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Skill: SQL Server 2005 Configuration and Migration expert

Location:NJ(only local or who can come for F2F)


*Skill** [image: Picture (Metafile)]**Required / Desired** [image: Picture
(Metafile)]**Amount of Experience*
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 [image: Picture (Metafile)]Required [image:
Picture (Metafile)]2  Years
Microsoft Active Directory [image: Picture (Metafile)]Required [image:
Picture (Metafile)]4  Years
SQL Server 2000 [image: Picture (Metafile)]Required [image: Picture
(Metafile)]5  Years
Microsoft ISA [image: Picture (Metafile)]Required [image: Picture
(Metafile)]2  Years
Microsoft Windows 2003 OS [image: Picture (Metafile)]Required [image:
Picture (Metafile)]2  Years
IT Security Knowledge [image: Picture (Metafile)]Required [image: Picture
(Metafile)]2  Years
Strong Communication Skils [image: Picture (Metafile)]Required [image:
Picture (Metafile)]
4 Year College Degree [image: Picture (Metafile)]Required [image: Picture

Global Candidate Requirements

*Short Description:*
This Product Specialist is the expert for the development, enhancement and
implementation of the new SQL Server 2005 environment and database(s)
migration.* Skills** [image: Picture (Metafile)]*

*Complete Description:
*Primary role will address SQL Configuration and Migration
Assist in planning and scheduling, and maintaining the SQL databases during
Assist in reviewing and submitting firewall rules
Copy and import databases
Create transaction log shipping / replication between sites
Configure and test Application URLs, and test application access.
Plan and implement monitoring and troubleshooting procedures
Assist in the installation and confiuration of Microsoft ISA, integration
with the SQL Enterprise environment.
Install, configure and maintain the Development Virtualization environment.

Support Operations
Provide monitoring and troubleshooting procedures
Provide knowledge transfer of new environment and ways for maintaining
Assist in planning, implementing and documenting the backup and restore plan
and procedures
Review, plan, implement and document the SQL Disaster Recovery plan and

Additional required skills:
Hardware and Software
Assist in the installation and configuration of new and existing hardware
and software into the agency Windows 2000 and 2003 multi-forest Active
Directory environment.
Configure server security (lock down)
Assist in establishing a backup / restore environment for servers,
directories and files.
Assist in documenting the hardware and software environments.
Support and maintain the hardware and software.

Multi-Forest Active Directory
Review, and assist in planning and enhancing the Windows 2003 Active
Directory environment; and apply access controls, other security safeguards
and implement management tools.
Assist in creating and maintaining user and group accounts.
Assist in documenting the Active Directory environment.
Support and maintain the Active Directory environment.

Security Framework
Recommend ways of enhancing the N-Tier Enterprise Environment.
Audit environment for compliance


Technical Recruiter
(A Pioneer in Information Technology Services)

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