*HI There,*

*My Direct client Job opening for a **Mobile video engineer** in **Beverly
Hills**, California** for** **6 Month(s) **Contract**.** **Hourly rate: **DOE
( Depending upon experience / Market Rate )***

* ** *

*Please respond to [EMAIL PROTECTED]       *

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*Note:*  *Employers & Candidates;* Please ensure, that you send the contact
number and mail id of your candidates or employers; along with their updated
resume. *Thanks!*

*Please send your response to [EMAIL PROTECTED]      *

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*Job Title :* *Mobile** video engineer*

*Location :* *Beverly Hills**, California*

*Project Duration :* *      **6 Month(s)*

*Est Start Date :* *11/2/08*

*Cost :       *

*Skill Set :  *

Must work weekend shift. The *Mobile Video Engineer* is primarily
responsible for the creation, packaging, and delivery of all mobile
products, mainly video. Duties include, but are not limited to content
management, quality control, and content delivery. The Mobile Video Engineer
will facilitate with the delivery of all mobile products to our various
mobile partners and devices.

*Please send your response to [EMAIL PROTECTED]      *

* *

*Responsibilities: . *

Refine delivery processes by creating tools and automation . Accountable for
delivery quality of assigned projects. Keeps abreast of, and utilizes,
current and emerging technologies to ensure content and processes remains
state-of-the-art . Works closely with management to maximize delivery and
production efficiencies . Review product delivery performance and suggest
recommendations to management and partners and implement solutions .
Responsible for other mobile projects as assigned by management

*Qualifications/Requirements: .*

 Portfolio of work that shows experience in a forementioned skills .

*PHP* and *Java knowledge is required* . Knowledge of *XML,* (*X)HTML*, *Unix,
Linux*, *MySQL, Obj-C, C, and .Net is desired* . Ability to manage several
projects and adapts quickly and accurately under direction of others .
Ability to work autonomously towards agreed upon goals . Self-motivated,
creative, and driven to learn new skills that apply to refining the role

* *

*Please send your response to [EMAIL PROTECTED]      *

* *

*Job Description :*

Enterprise Databases SQL Graphic Design Software Photoshop Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows Unix Productivity Software Microsoft Excel Microsoft
Office Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft Word Programming Languages *Actionscript
(Flash) C++ Java Programming Technologies XML Scripting & Shell Languages
UNIX Shell Scripting Web Programming HTML PHP*

*Experience :*       This is a hybrid position that is between a video
producer and an

*Please send your response to [EMAIL PROTECTED]      *

*Thanks & Best Wishes*



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