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* *

*Praveen            COGNOS DEVELOPER                  7+years      Immediate
   Open  *

*Naveen            IBM WEBSPHERE ADMIN               7+years      Immediate

*Srujan Rao       Siebel                                          7+ Years
Immediate    Open*
*Sarath              Sr.BA                                            8+
Years     Immediate     Open *

*Gopi Nath        Business Analyst                           7 Years
Immediate     Open*

*Anil                  .NET                                             7
Years      Immediate     Open *

*Naresh             .NET                                             7
Immediate     Open*

*Seeta                Java                                           7 Years
     Immediate     Open *

*Shanmuga         Embedded                                 6 Years
Immediate     Open*

*Raja                  SAN                                           6
Immediate     Open*
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Ramesh Kumar
Vayu Inc
Phone No        : 330-931-4649
Fax No            : 330-266-7336
Email              : [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Web               :  www.vayuvision.com
Yahoo             :  Ramesh_vayuinc

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