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*Please find the requirement below and answer ASAP with updated resume and
contact details to [EMAIL PROTECTED] ...Thanks a lot...*


*Resumes with the following information will be given preference.*

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*Full Name:*

*Current Location:*



*Work Authorization in US:*

*Contact Number:*


*Rate on C2C:*

* *

*Please ensure all candidates have all skills listed under "Required Skills"
in their resume.*


* *

*Location  : NJ*

* *

*Our consultant, who has worked in this capacity, is leaving for 3-4 weeks.
He is leaving on the 15th of November.  The candidate must start on the 10th
or 17th.  He must be able to "hit the ground running" beginning on the 17th.

*Need candidates availability to phone screen and a face to face interview.
Keep this in mind.*

*The client has a huge project that will last 9 months beginning in January.
If the consultant does a good job for the 3 months they will automatically
roll them to the January project.  They will need at least 5 consultants of
the same nature at the end of January.*

* *

*Minimum Requirements: *

* *

*Citrix Administration experience.  Must know Presentation Server 4.0
extremely well  (PS 4.0)*

*Must be able to perform Migration and Implementation and Support roles.*

*Must have Active Directory 2003 (AD 2003)*

*Must have Web Interface 4.2 and Secure Gateway 3.0 and SQL database

*Must be a Self Starter and be able to work under a hectic environment.  A
selling point for this 3 month assignment is that he will put in alot of
overtime and get paid for every hour after 40.*

*Applicant must meet ALL of these requirements.   Description:

*The candidate's role is to work on a team that is currently doing a Proof
of Concept project.  The client will be servicing 18,000 users on line
beginning January and the group must have everything in order so that the
project can "hit the ground running" in January for the users.

*If the candidate has Proof of Concept experience that is a huge plus.  All
that Proof of concept means is that they are getting everything ready for
the January project.  In order to kick off the January project they must
have everything ready by then.*

* *

* *
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*Resource Specialist*

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*Fax :732-289-6076

*www.osairtech.com* <http://www.osairtech.com/>

*"We want to be your Trusted, Preferred & long Term Partner"*

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