Kindly check the requirement and let me know if you have any consultants
with the matching profiles.

*Senior Oracle DBA*

*New York City***

*6 months*

*Rates are open but send me the best competitive rate at your end.*

*Please send me resume which are 100% match…*

*At least 10 yrs or 10+ yrs exp candidate needed.*

* *

*Data Warehouse Initiative*

*DBA Role Needs *

*Linux Server Environment*

    * Validate Oracle Enterprise Linux setup according to best practices for
Oracle RAC

    * Validate Linux Security configuration

    * Setup Linux Server health and performance monitoring

*Oracle Database 11g*

    * Configure and optimize Oracle database for data warehouse environment

    * Setup data warehouse specific database monitoring

* *

* Oracle Streams*

    * Prepare HRDC database for Oracle Streams setup

          o Two major tables are currently compressed and need to be

          o Monitor performance of HRDC and related application with
uncompressed tables.

    * Tune HRDC production if there are any performance issues.

    * Setup Oracle Streams to replicate data from production HRDC to data
warehouse database

    * Monitor performance of Oracle Streams and make configuration changes
to optimize the performance

*Data Warehouse Architecture*

     * Dimensional Modeling - Work with architects to design dimensional

    * ETL design - Work with ETL designer to develop ETL processes

    * Setup Oracle Change Data Capture to capture data changes and stage the
changes in staging tables.

    * Setup ETL environment to load changed data from staging tables to
dimensional model.

    * Create stored procedures if required to assist in the movement of

    * Monitor and tune performance of materialized views and partitioned

    * Design and implement multi dimensional OLAP cubes based on reporting

    * Setup and tune OLAP cubes refresh from base tables

    * Setup aggregates and summary using materialized views and partitioned

*Oracle RAC Environment*

    * Monitor and tune Oracle RAC

    * Test impacts of node failure on data warehouse jobs

*Stabilize and Deployment Tasks*

    * Performance and load testing

    * Setup and monitor various jobs for loading data warehouse

    * Monitor and tune performance of various components

    * Test and document recovery scenario's for the Oracle DW databases

    * Setup and monitor OS and database backup environments

    * Apply patches and security fixes

*Thanks and  Regards*

* *

*Prashant Mishra*

* *

*Technical Recruiter*

Landmark Technologies


Ph#  646-340-5856 Fax # 212-504-8320


Visit our group at www.landmarkgoc.com

*Being an ISO 14001:2004 certification and ISO 9001-2000 corporation we
assure you high quality and superior level services.*

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