Friends I need 2 expert PowerBuilder developers. They must have excellent
communication skills. Candidate from anywhere will do. This is a phone hire.

*Rate: $55/hr on C2C

*Position Title:*  Expert PowerBuilder Developer

*Number of Contractor(s) Needed**:*  Two (2) Contractors

*Length of Work Assignment**:*  December 8, 2008 through June 30, 2009.  The
length of the work assignment could be shortened or extended dependent on
work requirements, estimates, progress and or funding availability during
the project.

*Work Schedule and Number of Hours**:*  Monday through Friday, up to 40
hours per week.

Daily starting time will be approved by the Project Manager.  Overtime
and/or weekend hours could be required to stay on schedule as determined by
Project Management, but no overtime shall be paid.

*Availability:*  Candidates must be available for work within 15 days after
notification of contract offer.

*Work Location:*  Tumwater, WA

*Travel:*  Travel will be kept to a minimum and at the discretion of the
Project Manager.  Any travel within Thurston County will not be billable or
reimbursable.  Any travel required outside of the said locations may be
reimbursed at the then-current State travel rates if pre-approved in writing
by the  designated Project Manager.

*Position Description:* This position uses established work procedures to
analyze, architect, design, develop, implement, maintain, upgrade and
troubleshoot moderate to large applications that impact multiple  business
units. Responsibilities include providing technical expertise in
understanding customer business issues, being conversant in the customer's
business language, consulting with higher-level technical staff to resolve
complex problems, and composing technical documentation.

*Scope of Work:* This position is responsible for developing, converting,
upgrading and enhancing  PowerBuilder applications.  Duties will primarily
consist of converting code from PowerBuilder version 9 (or lower) to
PowerBuilder 11.  Uses established work procedures and innovative approaches
to complete assignments and coordinate projects, such as conducting needs
assessments; supporting, maintaining and enhancing existing applications.  The
majority of assignments and projects are moderate in size and impact an
agency division or large workgroup or single business function; or internal
or satellite operations, multiple users, or more than one group.

*Evaluation of Qualifications**:*  To allow prompt assessment of skills and
work experience, please include an up-to-date resume, including relevant
employment references and length of time where the specific skill
technologies were used during each employment.

This resume-sourced information is required in order to be given credit.  If
multiple skill technologies were used, please state them (For example:  "During
a two year employment at Company ABC, I performed programming using Natural
for 18 months from September/2004, and COBOL for 6 months from

Top applicants may be required to participate in an interview which may
include some form of skills assessment, written test or workshop.

*Clearly indicate* where all mandatory and desirable skills are documented
in the submitted resume(s).  Incomplete or unreferenced applications may not
be evaluated.

*Contractor Skills Needed:*  *The contractor is expected to have
demonstrated skills and knowledge in the following areas:*

*Mandatory Requirement:*

*Experience (in years)*

*Where Documented in Resume*

A bachelor's degree in information technology/computer science,


Minimum 7 years dedicated programming experience.

Minimum 4 years experience building applications in PowerBuilder.

Minimum 2 years experience in building applications in PowerBuilder 9 or

*Mandatory Requirement:*

*Experience (in years)*

*Where Documented in Resume*

Minimum 4 years experience in writing T-SQL and Stored procedures.

Minimum 2 years experience working with SQL Server 2000.

The following working knowledge and demonstrated skills are *desirable*:

*Desirable Education and/or Skills:*

*Experience (in years)*

*Where documented in resume*

Experience building applications in C#, ASP.Net

Experience in Cold Fusion.

Experience in SQL Server 2005.

* *

Thanks & Regards,

Sameer  | Recruiter  | 347-414-9685
Yahoo messenger ID: sameer_sinha7
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