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Location: Salem, NC    Duration: 3 months     Rate: $40/hr

The skillset required is level II AIX and Linux.  Specifically, the ability
to allocate storage, assign storage devices, mount and unmount volume
groups, shutdown and startup systems and UNIX troubleshooting.  About 5
years UNIX Administration experience.

Job Desc

Participate on team to move UNIX systems to a new EMC storage switch.  Moves
will occur after business hours in the Winston Salem Data Center.
Procedure includes verifying backups, data migrations, unmounting/mounting
volume groups, shutting down and restarting servers and troubleshooting as
required.   Approximately 20 systems will be migrated each night, four to
five nights per week.

Optimum Technology Solutions Inc.
Our Mission is to consistently deliver optimum, cost effective, valuable
IT-based solutions to our clients

Optimum Technology Solutions Inc.,
95 White Bridge Road, Suite 111,
Nashville, TN-37205
Phone:  615-301-8656; 615-292-3047
Fax : 615-523-2880

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