Here is a hot requirement for *< Windows Administrator - Little Rock, AR - 6
Months >.* Please let us know if you have any suitable consultants available
for the earliest client submission.

*Position:* Windows Administrator

*Location:* Little Rock, AR

*Duration:* 6 Months

*Job Description:*

   - The Administrator is responsible for providing a wide variety of
   administrative support for the migration to Microsoft Exchange 2003.
   - The Administrator will be required to provide Exchange Migration to end
   users via remote client, over-the-phone, and face-to-face.
   - Experienced in Microsoft Office.
   - Experience in changing domain membership of Windows 2000 and Windows XP
   - Experience in creating additional profiles on Outlook 2000, 2002, and
   2003 email clients.
   - Version control administration experience.
   - Experience working on remote client systems using Dameware or VNC.
   - Prior experience of large project administration.
   - Ability to communicate at all levels of an organization and end users.
   - Experience with similar scale roles and organizations.
   - Coordination and task focused.

Staffing - Manager

ConfiMinds, LLC.

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