* *


*Have 7 years of experience** in the field of Information Technology as a
Software Engineer. Have sound understanding of Siebel 8.0,Siebel 7.x(Siebel
EAI, Workflow, EIM, Configuration, Assignment manager, Siebel Admin),C,C++,
CMM Process, QMS (Quality Management System),  Testing and WebSphere MQ
series .He has through knowledge of Visual Source Safe 6.0. *


*Programming Skills                                          : c, c++*

    :Visual Basic, Developer 2000

*Web Technologies                                             : ASP, HTML*

*Scripting Languages                                         : Java Script*

: MS SQL Server 2000, MS-Access. Oracle*

*Operating Systems                                            :
MS-DOS, Windows95/98,
NT, 2K, & XP*

*            Testing Tools
: Win Runner, Test Director*

*          ETL Tools
: Informatica 7.1*

 : Siebel
7.x,Siebel 8.0 Tools, Work Flow Manager, EIM, Assignment Manager, Siebel
Remote, Siebel EAI, Integration Object, Siebel EAI , EAI XML Converter, Data
base Adapter, Data Mapper XML Hierarchy Converter, XML Converter, EAI
Dispatcher, Object Interface, HTTP Transport Adapter, MQ Series Transport

*EAI Tools
:Websphere MQ Series

:Siebel eCommunications for mobile carriers, Siebel Loyalty

  **Siebel ePharma, Siebel Sales, Siebel Call Center*

* *

* *


* *


*Ø       Over 7 years of IT experience and sound knowledge in different
phases of software development life    cycle (SDLC) including Analysis,
Design, Development, Testing and Production.*

*Ø       Extensive experience in Cognos 8.3 & 8.2 (Framework Manager, Report
studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio and good  knowledge on Metric Studio),
Cognos ReportNet1.1 MR1 (Framework manager, Report Studio, Query
studio), Experience
with Cognos tool suite such as Administration of EP 7 Series i.e. Cognos 7.3
that includes Cognos Impromptu 7.x/6.x, Cognos IWR 7.x/6.x, and Analysis
Tools such as Cognos Transformer & PowerPlay 7.x/6.x, Cognos Visualizer
7.0,Access Manager, Sun Directory Server and Server Installation,
Upgradation & Maintenance.*

*Ø    Having experience on Data Modeling for creating Models, Packages in
Framework Manager and Published to Cognos Report Net and Cognos 8 and
generated different kind of reports including List, Cross-tab, Chart using
Report studio, Query Studio and Analysis Studio.*

*Ø       Having good experience in installation and configuration of
Cognos8, ReportNet software including Framework Manager, Analysis Studio and
Metric Studio, Access Manager.*

*Ø       Installed and configured Impromptu, Powerplay, Powerplay
Transformer, Upfront and IWR.*

*Ø       Expertise on Financial and Health Care Domains.*

* *

* *

*Technical Skills:*

* *

*Business Intelligence Tools:                      **Cognos 8.x (Framework
manager, Cognos Connection, Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis   Studio,
Metric Studio, Power play, Transformer, Scheduler, Portal
Administration),Cognos SDK, Cognos ReportNet 1.1(Framework Manager, Report
Studio, Query Studio), Cognos EP 7 series (Impromptu, Power play, Upfront,
transformer, Access Manager, Report Administration).*

*RDBMS:                                                       **Oracle
9i/8i., MS SQL Server2005/2000, DB2 and MS-Access.*

* *

*ETL Tools:**                                                    Informatica,
Data Manager in Cognos.*

*Programming Languages:**                        C, C++, Java, SQL, PL/SQL.*

*Data:                                                               **Star
Schema Modeling, Snow Flake Modeling and FACT & Dimensions.*

*Testing Tools**:                                              Manual
Testing, Unit level testing.*

*Operating Systems:                                     **Windows 95/98/2000
Server, XP, NT, 2003 server and UNIX.*

* *

* *
Thanks and Regards

Ramesh Kumar
Vayu Inc
Phone No        : 330-931-4649
Fax No            : 330-266-7336
Email              : [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Web               :  www.vayuvision.com
Yahoo             :  Ramesh_vayuinc
Connect with me http://www.linkedin.com/in/rameshkumarpc

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