Hello Friends am looking for the – WebFocus Programmer

*NHK08111306** - WebFocus Programmer*


4 Years WebFocus experience
5 Years total IT experience with Degree
8 Years total IT experience without a degree.
The candidate will most likely interact with high level SSA employees in
understanding the requirements for creating and deploying dashboards in the
MRE environment. WebFOCUS dashboard prototypes will most likely need to be
created and presented, so excellent presentation and oral/written
communication skills are important. I have a strong feeling that one of the
first activities that SSA will expect is for the candidate to generate a
prototype dashboard and present it to a group of SSA employees which may
include an Associate Commissioner. The candidate may also be expected to
give "training" sessions on coding in FOCUS or in using Developer Studio.

· The candidate will be the sole senior level WebFOCUS resource supporting
this particular customer. As such, SSA will look to the candidate for
direction and will be expected to provide guidance and consultation to other
resources that are new to WebFOCUS.

· The candidate should have extensive experience in administering the MRE
environment as well as in coding in the environment.

· The candidate may also work with other SSA developers in converting
Hyperion reports to WebFOCUS. The reports will query data from DB2 tables.
Developer Studio version 7.6 will be used so extensive experience is

· The candidate should have a good grasp of crafting SQL statements as SQL
Passthru will be used in generating some of the reports. An excellent grasp
of the core FOCUS language is also key in that some of the reporting may be
complex enough such that various WebFOCUS techniques will need to be
employed that are not possible through Developer Studio.

· The candidate should work well in a high pressure environment and be a
self-starter since the requirements/expectations/direction may not always be

Skills Required:

o Extensive use of WebFOCUS Developer Studio (Release 7 and above)

o Extensive coding experience in the core FOCUS language

o Extensive experience using the Business Intelligence Dashboard

o Experienced MRE Administrator

o Experience using all components of ReportCaster (Address Book, Scheduling,
Report Library, Console)

o Experience using SQL, DB2 and VSAM

o Knowledge of Hyperion

o Good organizational skills

o Excellent communications skills (both oral and written)

o Excellent problem resolution skills

*Job Type: *Contract,  * Number Of Openings: *1,  * Location: *Woodlawn MD


*Best Regards*

Nihaki Systems,Inc.
Tel:  732  823  6471*103
Fax: 732 438  6973
*URL: **www.nihaki.com* <http://www.nihaki.com/>

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