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*Location: *Emeryville California

Length: 6 months


*1.      **PURPOSE*

1.1.  The purpose of this document is to develop the requirements for a
Building Automation System (BAS) Project Engineer to work on the PDU BAS
Replacement Project for Bayer HealthCare in Emeryville California.

2.      *Project  Scope of Work*

2.1.  The existing Barber-Coleman HVAC Controls and alarming system will be
replaced with a Siemens Building Technologies Insight Model PxCM BAS system.

2.2.  The existing Paragon alarm monitoring system will be removed and
connected to the new Siemens system.

2.3.  Existing differential pressure transmitters and obsolete current to
pneumatic (I/P) devices will be replaced.

2.4.  Existing control panels will be demolished and new Siemens PxCM panels
will be installed.

2.5.  A new server, printer and RENO dial out system will be networked for
access to data by production and Facility Operations personnel.

2.6.  Siemens Building Technologies engineers and technicians will perform
all hardware and software installations.

2.7.   Construction activities will require installation of new instruments,
instrument calibration, commissioning and a documentation package which will
be turned over to the validation group for I/O/Q.

2.8.  The project is currently phasing into detail design and funding
approval is underway.

2.9.  The BAS will be replaced during an annual ten (10) week manufacturing
/ production shutdown beginning in April 2009.

* *

* *

*3.      **Experience and Skills Required*

3.1.  The BAS Project Engineer candidate should have a broad technical
understanding of cGMP requirements, facility operation, building automation
system, engineering turn over package documentation and a general knowledge
of the validation process.

3.2.  The selected candidate should demonstrate the ability to communicate
effectively both orally and in writing. An understanding of timeline driven
deliverables is also a requirement.

3.3.  The ability to identify predecessor requirements and solve problems
must be coupled with a desire to work as part of an integrated project team.

3.4.  Proficiency with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project software is
also required to perform this job effectively.

3.5.  The successful candidate must be able to:

3.5.1.     Work under the supervision and guidance of the Project Manager

3.5.2.     Develop project schedules and project milestones

3.5.3.     Oversee and coordinate the work of Siemens electrical and
mechanical    sub-contractors.

3.5.4.     Oversee and coordinate the work of calibration crew and assure
that documents are properly completed.

3.5.5.     Attend or conduct weekly project and coordination meetings.
Perform duties of Project Manager during absences.

3.5.6.    Review Bayer HealthCare instrument, electrical and network
documents during detail design.

3.5.7.     Review Siemens programming and construction efforts to assure
compliance with project requirements.

3.5.8.     Review detail design documents to meet project objectives and

3.5.9.           Review commissioning and GMP execution documentation.
Generate engineering corrective action plans.

3.5.10.      Identify risks and devise problem solving and risk mitigation
strategies as they arise during the project time line.

3.6.  The Project Engineer must begin work as soon as October, 2008 and
complete all work by June, 2009.  This includes commissioning, start up,
validation support, engineering turn over package development that will
allow a release to production no later than June, 2009.

3.7.  The candidate must have a laptop with adequate software to meet job
scope description.

3.8.  The Project Engineer will report to the PDU BAS Project Manager.

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