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There are two positions. Both of these positions should support theEmbedded
Linux Skills. One of the positions should support the GUI Specific Skills
(and not necessarily the Embedded Developer Specific Skills; and the other
position should support the Embedded Developer Skills and not necessarily
the GUI Specific Skills. Of course, it would be ideal if both candidates
could support all of the listed skills.

Embedded Linux Skills

• Very strong C / C++ development skills
• Meticulous, organized, detail oriented developer
• Proficient in UML design / diagram interpretation
• Proficient with multi-threaded and multi-process design / development
• Very strong Linux / embedded Linux skills
o Embedded Linux administration / setup
o Denx Linux target with Open Suse development environment a plus
o U-Boot experience a plus
o Linux device driver skills a plus

GUI Specific Skills

• Embedded HTTP based graphical user interface (GUI) development
o Experience developing an embedded HTML / CGI based user interface for use
by any web browser
o Knowledgeable regarding embedded HTTP servers (THTTPD server)
o Experience using toolkits such as YUI to ensure that the user interface is
browser independent

Embedded Developer Specific Skills

• Experience with TI's MSP430xxx micro-processors / compilers / associated
tools a plus


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