(Super HOT HOT) Need Informix DBA -- Atlanta, GA

Job Title:    Informix DBA
Location:    Atlanta, GA
Duration:    12 Months

Required Skills:
Informix database administration on UNIX/Linux, Informix database upgrade
experience from 7.31 to current versions, database performance tuning and
troubleshooting, and Informix utilities like dbload and high performance
Strong shell scripting skills are mandatory for this candidate to succeed on
this assignment.
The old system used Korn Shell and the new system uses Bash Shell.  Skill in
both is preferred.

Preferred Skills:
*Experience on Informix version 11.
*Experience with non-inplace upgrades and large data migrations are a big

Soft  Skills Needed
Possesses good oral and written communication skills.
Can create partners at all levels of the organization and able to prioritize
and meet deadlines without full supervision.
Successful candidate is a self-starter and creative problem solver that is
dependable, highly organized, and able to prioritize and meet deadlines
without full supervision.

Project Description/Daily Assignment
Detailed Description of Daily Assignment:
Will be required to develop scripted hands off database migration that will
be used to convert several thousand databases.
The successful candidate will also assist in build out of multiple test
servers that will be used by the project to do full regression testing of
many applications running on the target systems.
They will be responsible for monitoring test systems and finding performance
tuning opportunities in the new environment.
Once the project starts roll out the candidate will be responsible for
managing the preparation and support of the database conversions.

Detailed Description of needed deliverable:
To be successful, the candidate will need to deliver conversion scripts,
conversion plans, conversion packages, request for change documentation,
test servers, and all forms of database administrative support.

*Thanks & Regards,
Mujeeb K
Technical Recruiter
Voice:  201 255 0319 x 254
Fax:     201 727 9296

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