Hello friends am looking for the – Teradata DBA

Teradata DBA Columbus OH Rate - open Responsibilities ·         Create,
Maintain and Support Teradata Data Warehouse Databases.

   - Manage hardware resources (NCR hardware), storage etc
   - Work with functional and technical project, OLAP architects and ETL
   analyst to determine the appropriate data architecture, table lay outs,
   Indexes, data storage schemes etc.
   - Develop logical and physical database designs and participate in the
   detailed design, development, testing, and deployment of the architectures.
   Database designs will support 3NF atomic level EDW repository and
   dimensional/star/snowflake schema designs for Decision Support and CRM
   - Provide help with code reviews, monitoring and control.

   - Assist the development team in ensuring the availability and accuracy
   of data warehouse data. Investigate and assist in the resolution of any
   day-to-day warehouse issues.
   - Conduct technical reviews and walkthroughs of system design
   documentation with development and design team members
   - Administer production database releases.
   - Administer OS releases and Upgrades.
   - Plan and coordinate system upgrades
   - Partner with Teradata support for setting up BAR support, plan and
   monitor fail over recovery statistics; prepare system availability reports
   to Project Management.

*Experience *

   - 5 Years experience with Teradata database administration.
   - Heavy emphasis on data warehousing including ETL, star and snowflake
   schemas, bulk loading

Must Be familiar with Monitoring and Tuning ETL processes in an Oracle &

   - environment
   - Experience with implementing metadata driven designs
   - Ability to apply innovative approaches to solving design and technical
   - Solid experience in using NCR tools like Teradata WinDDI, Manager,
   Query Manager and Priority Scheduler.

   - Solid experience with monitoring and analyzing production database
   - Experience in backup and restore (BAR) design and implementation.
   - Experience in Unix Scripting languages like Perl and Korn Shell.
   - Experience in Disaster Recovery exercises.


   - Excellent personal communication,leadership and organizational skills.
   - Team Player
   - Very familiar with Solaris and NCR Unix operating systems.


*Best Regards*

Nihaki Systems,Inc.
Tel:  732  823  6471*103
Fax: 732 438  6973
*URL: **www.nihaki.com* <http://www.nihaki.com/>

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