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*Resumes with the following information will be given preference.*

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*Full Name:*

*Current Location:*



*Work Authorization in US:*

*Contact Number:*


*Rate on C2C:*

* *

*Please ensure all candidates have all skills listed under "Required Skills"
in their resume.*

*---------------------------------------------------------------- *

*Length: 3 to 6 Months*

*Rate: DOE/Market*

*Start Date: 2 weeks*

* *

*Job Description: SAP ABAP/Master Data

*An SAP functional and configuration resource with knowledge of master data
elements, configuration and business processes related to Country of Origin.

*Knowledge of business and technical requirements needed to identify unique
batches of material, where the were produced and how to flag / stop these
batches for being shipped or used in production.  *

*Knowledge of business and technical requirements needed to block specific
materials, based on country of origin from being used for specific countries
in sales order deliveries or production.*

*Knowledge of business process and SAP transactions for identifying and
tracking, embargoed countries.*

*Knowledge of how to convert an existing system, with inventories.*

*Prior master data experience a plus.*

*Prior experience with system migration and data integration required.*

*Must be self started and able to follow up with limited supervision.  *

*Will be an individual team for master data in an existing project.*

* *

*Specific Responsibilities / Deliverables:*

* *

*Target to Source data mapping sign-off and approval (transformations should
be captured in a DMD (data migration design) template *

*Data model Design (ensures the project proposal for master data flows thru
the multiple applications) *

*Signoff data design blueprint (a section should be added to the project
blueprint) *

*Master Data Support Model Address (how will the business do on-going
maintenance and support the migrations projects) *

*don't address on-going activities and the business has come back to me
frustrated they get no training) *

*Monitor and Exception management during migration *

*Facilitating Data fixing & cleansing activities during data tests with the
business counterparts *

*Hold regular meetings with the respective business counterparts *

*Development of training material for master data *

*Approve technical spec development *

*Build master data for Customer, Material, Vendor, Batch Master and Batch
Characteristics *

*Facilitate Test Master data (Unit, Integration, Regression, UAT,
Validation, Mock Cutovers) *

*Obtain business sign-off data loads during data tests and go-live *

*Ensure Governance is adhered to on projects (i.e, at least 2 data loads
prior to UAT) *

*Update data dictionary if there is a request to change field usage *

*Participate in Phase Gate Reviews and communicate data model*

* *


Kumar Reddy,*

*Resource Specialist*

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*Fax :732-289-6076


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