Dear Partners,
Here we presenting the resume of our consultant  for the position of
Sr PowerBuilder Developer if any one have  the matching skill
requirement please fell free to contact me.
408-329-1761 EXT 209

Position : Sr PowerBuilder Architect
Location : open
Pay rate: open

Skill sets:
 Primary Skills: Powerbuilder 2 to 10, Oracle, Sybase, Sql Server,
DB2 , Sql Anywhere, Oracle PL/SQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL Developer, DBArtisan,
PVCS, Object Cycle, StarTeam, VSS, Power Designer
Secondary Skills: PFC, PowerTool, Java, JDBC, JSP, XML, ColdFusion,
Clipper, FoxPro
Other Skills: Windows 98/2000/NT/XP, UNIX

                                                     Raman Narayanan


• Over 15 years of work experience in Client Server, enterprise, and
web technologies with more than 9 years of experience in USA.
• Designed, developed, and implemented software applications both
onsite and offshore working collaboratively with team members.
• Extensively worked on n-tier architecture systems with application
development using PowerBuilder, Oracle, Sybase, Sql Server, DB2, Java,
JSP, and Siebel.
• Expertise with PowerBuilder from version 2 to version 9.
• Certified PowerBuilder developer from 1995.
• Worked with Baseclasses like PFC, PowerTool.
• Experience with relational databases like Oracle, Sybase, Sql
Server, and DB2.
•Experience in Oracle PL/SQL programming, Stored procedures, Triggers.
• Experience in Object Oriented Analysis and Design.
•Worked on various database issues related to performance tuning, DB
Objects creation.
• Worked in different domains like Finance, Insurance, Transportation,
ERP,  Manufacturing.
•Working knowledge of VB, C++, Cobol, Lotus Notes.
•Working knowledge of configuration management systems like PVCS,
StarTeam, VSS
• Ability to work independently and in the team environment.
• Experience in mentoring junior developers.

Technical Skills
        Certified  PowerBuilder Developer (CPD  in 3.0)
        PowerBuilder 6.0 from  online certification

GUI                     : PowerBuilder Version 2 to 10
Frameworks              : PFC, PowerTool
Operating Systems       :         Windows 98/2000/NT/XP, UNIX
RDBMS                   : Oracle, Sybase, Sql Server, DB2 , Sql Anywhere
Database Programming   :            Oracle PL/SQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL
Developer, DBArtisan
Version Control         :  PVCS, Object Cycle, StarTeam, VSS
Web                     :  Java, JDBC, JSP, XML, ColdFusion
Xbase                       clipper, FoxPro
Data Modeling           : Power Designer

Raman Narayanan                                                                 
Page 2


Department of Environmental Protection, Charleston WV -  January 2007
to till date
Project Name            :        ERIS (Environmental Resources Information
Role/Responsibilities  :        PowerBuilder/Oracle Developer
Description                 :       ERIS is an enterprise  client/
server system which allows DEP offices to
track and  manage  environmental information.  My role is to design
and develop changes to this
existing system which is developed in PowerBuilder 10 and Oracle 10g.

•       Design and development of new features,  modifications
•       Working extensively in PowerBuilder GUI Development and Oracle
backend for Procedures.
•       PLSQL Developer used for Database related developments.
•       Microsoft ‘s Visual Source Safe is used for Version Control.

Environment :  PowerBuilder 10, Oracle 9/10g,  MS  VSS, PL/SQL
Developer,  ColdFusion.

FISERV  (INSUREWORX ),  Scranton, PA -  February 2006 to December 2006
Project Name            :           Powercomp  Insurance Software
Role/Responsibilities  :           PowerBuilder Consultant
Description       :      Powercomp Insurance software suite comprises
Insurance Policy management and Insurance Claims  management mainly
for State Workers compensation Insurance fund.  This has been
implemented in many  states and I have been part of Pennsylvania State
Workers Insurance Fund  project team.  My role was to analyze, design,
and develop solutions for enhancements and change requests  provided
by the client.  PowerBuilder 9, Oracle, StarTeam are the technologies
used in the project.

•       Analyze, Design and Development of enhancements, changes to the
•       Technologies used PowerBuilder 9 and  Oracle 9i
•       Borland’s StarTeam for version control of PowerBuilder Objects,
Database objects, and Project related documents.
•       Working extensively with  PFC and Oracle Packages/Procedures.
•       PLSQL Developer used for Database related developments.
•       Process Control Standards from Enhancement reviews to Deployment.

Environment :  PowerBuilder 9, Oracle 9i,  StarTeam, PLSQL Developer,
CISCO VPN, Windows XP.

Raman Narayanan                                                         Page 3

VITECH SYSTEMS GROUP,  Harrisburg, PA  - August 2005 to February 2006
Project Name            :           V3 Benefits System
Role/Responsibilities   :       PowerBuilder Consultant
Description             :       V3 Benefits system was designed and developed by
vitech systems and implemented at various state government agencies.
The system deals with Pension related modules integrated with payroll
and accounting.  I was  working at their client site Pennsylvania
State Employees Retirement System (PSERS).  My role was to develop new
requirements/modifications to the system.  The system is developed
using PowerBuilder 8, Oracle 9i, Java, and XML.
•       Developed User interfaces using most of the new features of
PowerBuilder 8.
•       Design and development of modifications and new features of business
•       Develop Corporate Class Libraries.
•       Working closely with the customers to gather and develop technical
•       Worked extensively in the Oracle 9i database with Procedures/
Packages etc.
Environment :  PowerBuilder 8, Oracle 9i, Java, DBArtisan, Lotus
Notes, Citrix.

IBM Global Services, Raleigh, NC - May 2004 to May 2005
Project Name            :       Qualex Digital Fulfillment System (QDFS)
Role/Responsibilities   :       Team Lead
Description                     :       QDFS was designed, developed, and 
implemented at
Kodak’s digital processing  unit (Qualex).  Digital photos are
uploaded on the web sites and the data will be routed to process
servers as per the location, and load balancing and the fulfilled
photos will be sent to the customer and billed accordingly.
•       Design and development of modifications, new features of business
•       Working with offshore development team.
•       Working closely with the customers to provide technical support and
•       Estimating efforts done with  Project Manager.
•       Managed other developers and level 2 team.
•       Code reviews of other developers.
•       Designed and developed unit test plans and test cases.
•       Developed User interfaces using most of the new features of
PowerBuilder 8.
•       Test migrated the application from PowerBuilder 8 to 9.
•       Maintained Corporate Class libraries derived from PFC.
•       Maintained database objects on DB2 Database on NT for development
and testing, and supported Mainframe DB2 Database for Production.
•       Worked with Java and C++ developers for advanced features to
integrate in the system.
Environment :  PowerBuilder 9/8, DB2 UDB on NT, DB2 on Mainframe, C++,
Java, VB, Windows   NT server, Lotus Notes, Citrix, Tivoli.
Raman Narayanan                                                                 
Page 4

Sara InfoTech , Mumbai, India &  Bangkok, Thailand -  July 2003  to
March 2004
Project Name            :    Sara ERP System
Role                    :  Senior Consultant
Description : Sara is a software co.  Having ERP software developed in-
house  for facilitating  enterprise solutions  to  various types of
companies.    The system had various modules of ERP like
Manufacturing, AP, AR, Payroll, warehouse, lab testing
•       Designed and developed new features to  the ERP system
•       Implemented the system at client site in Bangkok Thailand.
•       Worked on different domains like Manufacturing, Finance, Payroll,
Inventory etc.
•       System developed using PowerBuilder 8
•       Created Database  objects  like tables,  stored procedures.

Environment:  PowerBuilder 8, MS Sql Server ,  Windows 2000 /

Base Information Mgmt Systems, Mumbai, India    -  October 2001 – June
Project Name  : ITM
Role  : System Analyst
Base is a software development co. developing ERP software using
PowerBuilder/Oracle and java related web technologies.  ITM is a
custom developed ERP implemented at many big companies like Sun
Pharma,  Supreme Industries, Ajanta Pharma etc.

•       Designed and developed  manufacturing module of the system
•       Implemented the system at client site.
•       System developed using  PowerBuilder 6.5
•       Oracle 8i used for backend.
•       PL/SQL programming, Stored Procedures created
•       Mentored junior developers on the project.
Environment:  PowerBuilder 6.5, Oracle 8i ,  Windows NT

Aon Consulting – Winston Salem, NC – May 2000 to February 2001

Project Name              :   Employee Benefits
Role/Responsibilities     :   Senior Consultant
Description             :  Aon is  a fortune 500  company  providing
employee benefits and insurance services to other fortune 500
companies.  I was working on an application designed to maintain
client-related data to dynamically create employee benefits on web
sites.  The system was developed using PowerBuilder 6.5 and Oracle
Raman Narayanan                                                         Page 5
•       Design, development, testing, and implementation of the system.
•       Working closely with the customer to provide technical support.
•       Developed User interfaces using PowerBuilder 6.5.
•       Most of the features of PowerBuilder 6.5 used extensively.
•       Created and modified Corporate class objects using PFC.
•       Used PL/SQL programming.
•       Worked extensively on Oracle stored procedures, Triggers.
•       Worked in Java and JSP for web based solution.

Environment:  PowerBuilder 6.5, Oracle 8 , Java, JSP, Novell, Windows

Fitech Systems – Greensboro, NC  -  March 1999 to April 2000
Project Name              :   Bravura ( Mortgage System )
Role/Responsibilities     :   Senior Consultant
Description               :  Bravura is a mortgage lending software
being used by the mortgage lending institutions.  It supports the full
lifecycle of the mortgage from Loan Registration to post closing of
the loan.  Fitech is a solution provider company specialized in
mortgage related softwares.   The system developed using PowerBuilder
6.5 and Oracle 8i.
•       My role was design, development, testing, and implementation of the
•       Working closely with the customers to provide technical support and
solving implementation issues.
•       Developed User interfaces using Powerbuilder 6.5.
•       Most of the features of PowerBuilder such as Datastores, Treeviews,
Listviews, Tab Controls, and non-visual user objects had been used
•       PL/SQL Programming.
•       Oracle stored procedures also used to improve the system

Environment:  PowerBuilder 6.5, Oracle, Windows 2000 Server /

First Union Bank (Wachovia Bank) – Charlotte, NC -   March 1998 -
March 1999
Project Name            :   USM (User Security Matrix) ,    FMS (Facilities
Management System),
    Phase3 Reports.
Role/Responsibilities   :   Senior Consultant
Description             :  Worked in the Capital markets division of the Bank.
Project USM maintains security for all employees of Capital Markets,
whom can be   Sales person, Trader, front or Middle Office personnel
needing access to Trade or Inventory information.  Project FSM
provides functionality for tracking and maintaining location
information such as buildings, floors, work locations, etc.   Project
Phase3 reports is a reporting system for which data was parsed from
Hyperion to Sybase database.  The systems developed using PowerBuilder
6 and Sybase 11.
Raman Narayanan                                                                 
Page 6
•       Design and development of modifications, new features of the 3
•       Working closely with the customers to provide technical support and
•       Designed and developed unit test plans and test cases.
•       Developed User interfaces using Powerbuilder 6.5
•       Reporting system developed with Sybase stored procedures
•       Created Tables, Stored Procedures etc.
•       Conducted integrated testing.
•       Performance tuning of the reporting.
Environment:  PowerBuilder 6.5, Sybase, Unix, Novell on Windows
MCI System House Jackson,  MS.   May 1996 – February 1998
Project Name            :   Transportation Management Information System
Role/Responsibilities   :   PowerBuilder Consultant
Description                     :   Transportation Management Information
System for Mississippi DOT using PowerBuilder 6  and Sybase 11.  The
system will pull data from different databases on Bridge, Pavement and
Safety Management  programs.  The system also handles the GIS data
(data available in Geographic Information System)  using  OLE
Automation.  The GIS tool , which used Intergraph Corporation’s
GEOMEDIA, integrated into PowerBuilder using  OLE Objects.
•       Design and develop a prototype for the system.
•       Design, development  of the system’s Pavement module.
•       Working closely with the customer to gather requirement and design
•       Developed User interfaces using Powerbuilder 5/6
•       Powerbuilder Foundation Class (PFC) used as baseclass for
•       Worked extensively on Sybase stored procedures
•       The system supported both English and Metric system which was
implemented by Sybase stored procedures and Powerscript.
Environment:  PowerBuilder 6.5, Sybase , Java, JSP, Novell, Windows
Koni Ameritech Services – ATLANTA      May 1995 - May 1996
Project Name            :    Health Care system
Role/Responsibilities   :    Programmer Analyst
Description                     :   The system was developed for Apollo
Health Care Systems, Atlanta. The system consists of Appointment
Scheduling, Patient Registration, Immunization, and Provider Billing
modules. This was a re-engineering effort from AS/400 to a Windows
based client/server solution using PowerBuilder 4 and MS SQL Server
•       System study of AS400 System and design and develop windows based
GUI solution.
•       Managed junior programmers for developing the new system.
•       Created unit test plans and test cases for the team.
•       System developed using PowerBuilder 4.0
•       MS Sql Server 6.0 used as backend Database and designed database
Environment:  PowerBuilder 4, MS Sql Server ,  Windows NT
Raman Narayanan                                                         Page 7
INTEC Overseas Software Ltd, New York  / Bombay      Dec 1993 - May
Project  Name               :  3 different systems in PB and Sybase/
Role/Responsibilities    :   Programmer Analyst

Responsible for the design, development, testing, and implementation
of a project analysis and tracking system using Powerbuilder 4.0 and
Sybase.  The system keeps track of resources assigned to a project,
resource costs, and conformity with project budgets and time
constraints. Additional responsibilities included  a system study and
a cost proposal for a PowerBuilder based  client-server system for
Helifusion Limited, Dorset, Poole, ( London),  England.

Responsible for analysis, design, development, testing, and
implementation of a sales order analysis system using PowerBuilder
3.0 /Sybase.  The project  involved computerization of the company
sales department by developing a system to keep track of the executed
and/or pending orders, invoices, and delivery notes.  Pending sales
orders are analyzed on a monthly basis and the production plan is
altered as required through an interface to the Production Planning
and Control system.  Another system accounted for the packaging of
materials which was developed in PowerBuilder 2.0 and  Oracle.  The
system included maintenance and processing of monthly data files .

Environment:  PowerBuilder 4 / 3 , Sybase,  Sybase APT

Jaysynth Dyechem Ltd , Bombay    Jan 1991 - Nov 1993

        Project  Name             :  Factory EDP Computerisation
        Role/Responsibilities  :  EDP Incharge  / Programmer

An Inventory Control System using Cobol .       A Purchase Order System for
in-house operations using Clipper and Foxpro was designed and
developed.      A Costing System for in-house development using Clipper
and Foxpro was designed and developed.          A Financial Accounting System
using Clipper was designed and developed.

•       Design, development, and testing  of the systems
•       Mentoring other programmers
•       Managed Lan Network
•       Worked with different departments like Payroll, Stores, Production

Environment :  Clipper, FoxPro, Cobol, Novell Lan.

            Bachelors in commerce and Postgraduate diploma in System
Analysis & Programming

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