My consultant  (Code : GR)  is avaliable for your client requirements,
plz.. let me know, if you have any requirements...

Consultant Profile:

��      Sr. Database developer having 6 years of experience in Oracle (SQL,
PL/SQL, D2K Forms & Reports)
                and UNIX.
��      Strong business process experience with various clients ranging from
                SUPPLY CHAIN and FINANCIAL Industries.
��      Strong experience in writing SQL queries, stored Procedures /
Functions/ Packages / Database
                Triggers, Exception Handlers, Cursors, PL/SQL records,
arrays and tables (Collections).
��      Used the Dynamic SQL, Global Temporary Tables, Partition Tables and
External tables.
��      Strong knowledge in using views and Materialized views.
��      Extensively worked with tools like TOAD, Oracle SQL Developer and
SQL * Plus.
��      Involved in using utilities like SQL*Loader and Import/Export.
��      Experience in developing and modifying reports using Oracle Reports
6i, Discoverer4i/9i/10g.
��      Solid experience in Optimizing (Tuning) Queries and PL/SQL stored
programs for better performance.
��      Involved in query level performance tuning using Explain Plans, SQL
Trace and TKPROF utilities to pin
                point time consuming SQL’s and tuned them by creating
indexes and forcing specific execution plans
                by using Hints.
��      Good Experience in designing and implementing scripts for Data
��      Extensively involved in system analysis development and
implementation of database systems (SDLC).
��      Excellent Skills in application performance tuning, application
��      Good Experience in writing UNIX Shell Scripts (Bourne, Korn shell)
to automate day-to-day operations.
��      Experience in web technologies like HTML, XML.
��      Involved in creating scripts for transferring files between machines
using FTP and SFTP.
��      Excellent soft skills, Quick learner, coupled with very positive
attitude & team spirit.

Thanks & Regars,

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