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*Position  :     .Net Production Control*

*Location :     Downey, CA *

*Duration :     12 months *

Seeking a motivated and experienced individual who can take charge of
software deployment process and manage the environments that host the .Net
web applications. The release management administrator will create and
manage several environments (QA, training and production) and will be
responsible for weekly release management and deployment processes. The
release management administrator will also handle versioning and branch
management activities for the applications.

*Responsibilities would include: *

·        Automation of build and deployment processes

·        Creating and managing production and non-production environments

·        Overseeing build and deployment of binaries for release to our
production and non-production environments

·        Management of the source code and related build artifacts that
comprise Bridgewater's client services software

·        Integration of submitted code into a release branch in our source
control system

·        Ensuring that the automated build and test suites run continuously

·        Acting as the `Gatekeeper` to production, ensuring proper release
procedures are followed

·        Coordinating with other departments to ensure consistency of
standards and processes

·        Defining and enforcing proper release procedures processes Position

·        Bachelor's degree, demonstrating a strong academic record

·        Three plus years experience in release engineering/configuration

·        Three plus years experience with software configuration management
systems and/or source code version control systems such as Source Safe; must
understand configuration files, branching strategies, merging, etc.

·        Experience creating and configuring production and non-production
environments (Windows based)

·        Desire and ability to continuously improve systems and processes

·        Ability to read and maintain code (C#)

*Skill Set Required:*

·        IIS 6.0/5.0 (Creating App Pools, configuring .net web Apps, access
rights and permissions configuration knowledge)

·        Knowledge about ASP .net c#, web services, ASP, VB

·        Knowledge of COM components (Installing, deploying etc)

·        ASP .net Framework and architecture knowledge (1.1, 2.0, 3.0)

·        Knowledge about File system Integration with .Net, ASP Apps

·        SMTP configuring and basic fundamentals

·        Knowledge about exception management for ASP .net

·        Fine tuning IIS for performance, scaling and extensibility

·        Basic knowledge of Windows 2003 server

·        Basic knowledge of Oracle and SQL server

*Experience *

·        6-7 Years of experience in windows and Microsoft technologies, with
good understanding of application architecture, IIS 6.0/5/0 setup, tuning
and configuration.

·        4+ years experience installing, configuring, and maintaining the
web components, services and application

·        4 +years experience building and deploying C# and .Net applications

Thanks & Regards,

Sr Technical Recruiter
Global Computer Products Inc. (GCP-Inc)
Office: 703-349-2318 | Fax: 703-349-5760 |
Email address :[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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