What is an invalid Click?

When the pay per click provider (for example Google Adsense) says that
someone that is not interested in making business from the advertisers
link, click it to generate income for you.

Also when publisher clicks their own adds (Adsense ads) to generate
money for themselves, it's a invalid click.

It's a invalid click also when publisher asks others to click on their
ads (Adsense ads) just to raise their income.

Invalid clicks also happen when some uses robots to click on their ads
(Adsense ads) or automated software.

Google defines invalid clicks as:

    * Manual clicks intended to increase publisher's income
    * Clicks by robots, automated tools
    * Clicks generated by Third-party services

How Google can Trace Invalid Click?? Adsense is important to me, so I
try to learn as much about it as I can. ...

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