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Skill:* Data Architect*

Location: Columbia, SC

Duration:3-6 mnths

*Objectives: *

   - To *verify* the wisdom and business case for migration of the soon to
   be implemented SACWIS (CAPSS-II) system from Software *AG ADABAS database
   environment* *to a Microsoft SQL Server environment* by June 30, 2009, or
   to recommend a viable alternative to same.
   - To *verify* the impact this will have on the overall project, the
   approach for finishing the CAPSS system, and the overall state of the
   - To *validate* the methodology being recommended for this migration.
   - To *validate* the estimates of resources needed.
   - To *validate* the timeframes needed for doing this migration and
   - To *validate* the hardware and software environment needed to run this
   migrated system in the operational phase.
   - To *validate* the skills and numbers of staff needed to run this
   migrated system in the operational phase.
   - To *fine-tune* estimates of resources and timeframes expected for each
   task in the proposed work plan.
   - To *assist* in selecting an enterprise reporting tool for use in the
   conversion project.
   - To *assist* in preparing a detailed work plan for the migration, with
   resources needed, time estimates, and deliverables for each task in the work

The IV&V staff will have access to all of the planning for this that has
been done to date, and will also be provided:

1)                  A copy of the database schema for the existing CAPSS
ADABAS database,

2)                  An overview of business services, web services,
extracts/interfaces, "green-screen" interactive update programs, & batch
reporting programs.  This overview will include a count of simple, average,
and complex components of each type, and an actual sample of a simple,
average, and complex components of each type.  It is expected that this data
will enable the contractor to do a reasonably comprehensive estimate of
resource requirements for the conversion.

3)                  A count of each table in the current database, to enable
an estimate of the magnitude of the actual data reload volume to be expected
for this phase of the database conversion.

4)                  Reasonable access to agency DBAs, programmers, etc., who
can answer applicable questions as to anything that is needed.


Technical Recruiter
(A Pioneer in Information Technology Services)

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