*Title:General Electronic Data Processing Consultant*



*Consultant's Task*

**Long-range Computer Systems Planning

·         Computer Systems Hardware Architecture

·         Computer Systems Data Architecture

·         Computer Operating Systems

·         Computer System Specification Development

·         Computer System Installation, Testing, and Integration

·         Formal and Informal Technical Training

·         Network Security Analysis

·         Technical Writing

·         Scripting, including Perl and other languages

The Authority *has three (3) primary data processing operating environments*:

•             The Administrative and Financial Systems operate on an *IBM
iSeries mid-range computer system with OS400* and *Oracle's OneWorld Suite*,

•             The Print, File, and Electronic Mail Systems operate on  Intel
based  Servers with the Microsoft Windows 2003 Operating System.

•             The Electronic Toll Collection System operates on Intel based
servers with the Red Hat Linux Operating System workstations at the Toll
Lane and Toll Plaza and incorporates Perl and shell scripting to perform
many operations. The Electronic Toll Collection Central System operates on
an Intel based server with the Windows 2003 Operating System and an Oracle
10g Database. The Authority has approximately 80 desktop IBM Intel PC's with
Microsoft XP and Office XP or Office 2007.  The Authority wide area network
has a fiber backbone and a leased 20 MPS shared network service

Thanks & Regards
Confab Systems, Inc

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