Hey Friends,

We have an excellent *Oracle PL/SQL Developers* available with us for
contract position. Please let me now if you have any direct client opening
with you. Please contact me at *512-692-9256* or e-mail me at *su...@light

Name: Farha Naaz

Current Location: GA

Relocation: Anywhere in US

Availability: Immediately


·         More than *7+ years* of experience in the software with designing,
developing and implementing database applications and solutions using best
of breed technologies and programming languages.

·         Experience in *Oracle 8i/9i*/*10g,* *SQL*, *PL/SQL Programming*, *
SQL*LOADER*, Oracle Discoverer, *Forms 10g/9i/6i*, *Reports 10g/9i/6i*,
HTML, VB6.0.

·         Good understanding of relational databases and extensive
experience in database development *Stored Procedures*, *Packages*, *
Functions,* *Views*, *Cursors* and Database Triggers.

·         Creation of Table scripts, *database triggers*, Logical & Physical
*Data Modeling*, Normalization, Application Analyzing and Designing -
Rational Rose & Designer 2000.

·         Translating business requirements into creation of database
objects: Tables, *Indexes*, Constraints, *Triggers*, Stored Procedures, and
*Materialized Views*.

·         Knowledge of the entire life cycle of the project including
Business Requirements*, Analysis, *Defining functional specification*,
Designing, *Development*, *Testing*, Documentation and Maintenance

·         Good experience in client/server technology, GUI design,
Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), and *Rapid Application
Development methodology* using Oracle and Developer/2000.

·         Tuned SQL queries and performed refinement of the database design
leading to significant improvement in system response time and

·         Very good knowledge about operating systems like *UNIX*, *Microsoft
98/99/NT/00/XP* Basic knowledge of Pro C, C, C++, JAVA and other programming

·         Knowledge in *TCP/IP, Client Sever Model, DNS*. Expertise in
Internet, Intranet and database related projects.

·         Good at troubleshooting problems regarding the databases and

·         A *hardworking* and *well-organized* individual accustomed to
working on own initiative and in terms of any size and constraints. With
high level of commercial awareness and excellent leadership and
communication skills.

*Technical Skills*

* *

*Languages:* SQL, PL/SQL, Java, C/C++, HTML, Visual Basic

*Databases:* Oracle 7i/8i/ 9i/10g, MS Access, SQL Server, DB2

*Development Tools:*  Forms 6i/9i/10g, Reports 6i/9i/10g, Oracle Discoverer
Administration, Oracle Discoverer Desktop, Crystal Reports, Forms Tool,
Query Builder, Developer 2000

*Operating Systems:*  Windows 2000/XP/98, MS-DOS, UNIX

*Packages:*  MS Office, Adobe Photoshop

*Others:* PVCS (Version Control System), TCP/IP, Client Sever Model, DNS,
Internet, Intranet, Extranet and SDLC, Serena ChangeMan Dimensions.

Name: Swathi

Current Location: Indiana

Relocation: Anywhere in US

Availability: Immediately


* *

   - Over *7 years of IT experience* in design and development of
   application in *Relational database*, *Client server* environment
and *Web-enabled
   *environment using *Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g*.

·         Expertise in backend Programming using *PL/SQL* *Stored
procedures, Packages, Database triggers.*

   - Extensively used *Erwin* for generating *ER diagrams, DFDs* and *Database
   - Expertise in developing *Forms* and *Reports* using *Forms 6i/9i/10g*,
   *Reports 6i/9i/10g* and deploying in web.

·         Expertise in scripting development using *UNIX Shell
Scripts*(Korn Shell) with Oracle 8i/9i/10g as back end database

   - Extensively used *Collections, Bulk collection, Exception handling *and
   * dynamic SQL*.
   - Experience in database, *performance tuning* and *code
optimization*using oracle utilities like
   *tkprof*, *explain* *plan, optimizer hints*.
   - Expertise in *tuning* SQL using *SQL Trace*, *DBMS_STATS.*
   - Extensively used *TOAD*, *SQL*Navigator* and *SQL Developer*.

·         Knowledge* on Backup* and* Recovery* using* Physical*,* Logical*and
* RMAN method**.*

   - Experienced in working with utilities like *SQL***Loader*, *External
   Tables*, Import, Export, extract and load large volume of data.
   - Knowledge on *Dimensional modeling, Data migration, Data* *cleansing*,
   *ETL* Processes* *for data warehouses.
   - Working knowledge in web development tools including *HTML, JavaScript,
   Perl, ASP, JSP and Java.*
   - Experience in *Job Scheduling* and *Workload Automation* using UNIX
   Shell Scripts, Job scheduling Tools (AUTOSYS).
   - Experience in using *version control* tools like PVCS, Clear case,
   - Experience to solve complex technical issues and highly flexible to
   rapidly changing technology and business needs.

* *


* Languages*                  *:*           SQL, PL/SQL, Pro*C, C, C++,
Java, Scripting Languages

* RDBMS*                       *:*           Oracle 8i/9i/10g, SQL
Server2000/2003, DB2, MS Access.

* Tools*                           *:*          TOAD, SQL*PLUS, SQL* Loader,
Erwin, Export & Import,

 Pro*C, Putty, IBM rational clear case, PVCS, Tortoise.

 *Front End*                     :            Visual Basic, ASP, C#,

* GUI*                             *:*           Developer6i (Forms6i,
Reports6i), Developer 2000, Forms9i/10g,

Reports9i/10g, Crystal reports.

* ETL Tools          *         *:*           Data Stage, Oracle Warehouse

*Operating System*        *:*           Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista, Windows
NT, MS-Dos,

                                                     HP-UNIX, AIX and Sun

* Others *                        *:           * Java Script, ODBC, HTML,
AutoSys, UC4, MS Project,

*                                                    *MS Office, MS Visio.


·         MS in Computer Science from Wright State University, OH

·         Bachelor of Science in Electronic and Communications Engineering

I would appreciate if you could add su...@lightagesystems.com to your
mailing list and send me your requirements.

Please feel free to call me at *512-692-9256* for further information.

Thanks & Regards,
Sunil Sahani,
LightAge Systems Inc.,
Tel: - 512-692-9256
Email: - su...@lightagesystems.com
Yahoo IM: - SoftSkillsNeeded

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