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*Hi: Please send the matching resumes, rate and contact number for the below

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*Sr. Java Web Developer
Duration: 6 Months
Location: **Portland**, **OR***

J2EE Web/Middleware/Database Software Engineer for IT GIS

Java / Oracle Enterprise software engineer. This position is responsible for
developing, deploying, integrating, documenting, and supporting multiple
server-side (web/middleware/batch-process) software applications/jobs using
Java and Oracle technologies. Looking for 5 years of direct applicable
experience involving Java/Oracle web, middleware, and back-end job
development (or acceptable equivalent.) ESRI GIS integration experience
desired but not required. Must work well with clients and team members. Must
work well within a controlled environment.

* Looking for 5 years of direct applicable experience involving Java/Oracle
web, middleware, and back-end job development (or acceptable equivalent.)
* CVS or a comparable command-line/interactive source management technology
* Source management concepts (tagging, branching, etc.)
* Software build-and-deployment automation (specifically ANT
experience/proficiency desired.)
* Browser-to-webserver and webserver-to-webserver communication (HTTP, AJAX,
SOAP, REST etc.)
* Web presentation and interface design (HTML, XSL, JavaScript, DHTML, etc.)

* Web application frameworks, internals (JSP/Servlet, Struts framework,
* ActiveDirectory/LDAP integration (or equivalent.)
* Database integration (JDBC, Hibernate)
* Oracle Database programming (SQL, PLSQL, Java in Oracle)
* Java XML integration and translation utilities (XSLT, etc.) in a
configuration or request/response fashion
* Custom middleware Java application development/deployment (RMI, EJB, etc.)

* UNIX shell scripting, privilege management, process management.

* Servlet containers
* Single-sign-on technologies (Kerberos/SPNEGO or equivalent.)
* Network security (firewall filters, proxy servers.)
* Common Java Design Patterns (Abstraction, Factory, Singleton, Data Access)

* Common Java Implementation Utilities (Logging, Cacheing, Unit testing,

* ESRI GIS integration experience
* Geocortex-IMF Framework customization experience using ArcIMS (ArcXML,
ArcIMS SDK, IMF Config XML) and WMS map services (image overlays)
* Experience with ArcWeb services SOAP/REST APIs (Routing, Mapping,
* ESRI ArcSDE API Development for Projection/Editing
* JTS Geometry or Geotools (or equivalent) experience for geometric
manipulation in Java
* Experience with generation of custom file-based data formats using Java
including XLS, PDF, and   DBase.
* Experience in developing multi-threaded applications in Java


*Naresh Chowdary*




*|| Phone: 916 978 1057 Ext 301* *|| Efax: 603 719 0999 || Email: ** || Website: ** || * *||*

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