This is Madhu from Sriven Infosys, looking for Consultants for below requirement

Title       : Oracle 10G DBA

Location : Downey, CA

Duration : 12 months 

CA Locals Only

 reply me at:ma...@sriveninfosys.com


  a.. Database installation: 
    a.. Install, patch and upgrade existing and new database servers with 
Oracle 10g on Windows and Linux. 
  b.. Database configuration: 
    a.. Create database, listener, tnsnames, init.ora parameters, formatting 
datafiles and creating tablespaces. 
    b.. Optimize init.ora parameters for OLTP and DSS environments. 
    c.. Fix database error encountered on database creation. 
  c.. Database maintenance: 
    a.. Understand and query V$ tables for performance and system tables for 
database objects. 
  d.. Replication: 
    a.. Design, implement, maintain and reconcile master to master replication 
for real time data distribution across production database servers. 
    b.. Identify and resolve replication issues encountered in specific 
    c.. Gracefully bring down replication nodes, add new replication objects 
and start replication. 
  e.. Back up (RMAN): 
    a.. Plan, conduct and test hot and cold Oracle back ups. 
    b.. Support application team with rollback of OLTP tables. 
    c.. Back up of database objects ranging from kilobytes to terabytes. 
  f.. Database performance and monitoring: 
    a.. Understand performance bottlenecks at CPU, memory and I/O level and how 
it pertains to Oracle. 
    b.. Resolving locked sessions and hung session. 
    c.. Use OEM to monitor database objects and over health of database. 
    d.. Practical experience with Oracle specific 1) joins including hash, 
nested loop and merge; 2) indexes including b-tree and bit map; 3) partitioning 
including list, range, hash and sub-partitioning; 4) optimize performance of 
BLOB, CLOB, LOB for data storage; 5) storage of XML in database. 
  g.. SQL and PL/SQL writing and tuning: 
    a.. Ability to write advanced SQL and PL/SQL to support web based 
applications, data mining and data loading. 
    b.. Skills to include practical knowledge of triggers, analytical 
functions, stored procedures, SQL*Plus, sequences, parallel processing, 
partitioning, indexing, hints, indexes, views, dblinks and synonyms. 
  h.. Database architecture: 
    a.. Design and implement database environment used by 12,000 intranet users 
and 40 analysts. 
    b.. Constantly review and forecast growth in storage, CPU, memory and scale 
  i.. Data modeling: 
    a.. Document entity relationship diagram of database tables for 
applications and data warehouse. 
    b.. Use strict data normalization forms to create star schemas. 
  j.. Metadata creation and maintenance: 
    a.. Create and maintain database objects and documentation of their use. 
  k.. Data loading and unloading: 
    a.. Experience with SQL Loader, external tables, data pump and spooling 
files to transfer terabytes of data in and out of database. 
  l.. Data transformation: 
    a.. Work with content experts to develop business rule for data 
    b.. Combine disparate data sources into common data structure by 
understanding data content and format. 
  m.. OLTP database design, implementation and testing: 
    a.. Work with web developers to design, implement, test and move in to 
production web based applications. 
    b.. Optimize OLTP table to meet SLA requirements for application 
  n.. DSS database design, implementation and testing: 
    a.. Maintain multi-terabyte data warehouse environment and support 40 plus 
analyst with the development of analytic cubes and data summaries. 
  o.. Operating systems: 
    a.. Working knowledge of Windows 2003 Server Enterprise and Datacenter 
    b.. Understand how Windows interacts with Oracle processes and services. 
    c.. Protect database during Windows patching. 
  p.. Database shutdown and restart: 
    a.. Ability to bring down database in abort, immediate and transaction 
modes and restart database from Oracle Enterprise Manager and command line. 
  q.. Bachelors Degree in Computer Science 
  r.. Masters Degree in Computer Science (preferred) 
  s.. Oracle Certified Professional 10g (preferred) 
  t.. Minimum of 5 years of Oracle database experience with at least 2 years of 
the 5 years on Oracle 10g. 

Thanks & Regards

Technical Recruiter
Sriven Infosys Inc
Voice: 212-999-6251 Ext: 216
Alt: 646-898-6228 Ext: 216
Fax: 212-658-9460

Sriven Infosys Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified applicants will 
receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, 
sex, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, disability, age, military or 
veteran status, and other characteristics. 

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