Rich isn't SR enough. He also volunteered that the money didn't seem high
enough for him. Do you have any other consultants?

Please find the requirement and send me updated resume ASAP

Please send resumes to **

 one more requirement:


position is located right near LAX airport

The Senior Security Engineer will be a member of the Information Security
Investigations Department.  This department is responsible for all security
event detection, response and forensics.  Senior Security Engineer will
monitor, detect, identify, and investigate computer and network intrusions.

*Duties and Responsibilities:*

   - Identify security vulnerabilities and develop algorithms and methods
   for detecting and preventing host and network based attacks.
   - Perform advanced analysis and/or reverse engineering of suspect source
   code and make the appropriate changes to security event detection stems.
   - Develop attack and defense methodologies for high risk computer
   - Research and map trends and countermeasures for evolving issues and
   integrate research results and analysis into operations
   - Writes scripts and develop software utilities to automate security
   analysis efforts.
   - Perform a wide range of technical operations related to the location,
   retrieval, processing, review, analysis, and production of electronic data
   for discovery, audit, or investigation
   - Must be able to guide and assist junior personnel with complex
   intrusion analyst issues.
   - Performs quality checks on all data collected, copy final data
   deliverables to various media, and document the procedures used in the
   collection process. Ensure chain of custody is maintained for eDiscovery and
   - Serve as a liaison between the legal team, outside counsel,
   organizations, IT personnel, and in-house employees.
   - Conduct forensic analysis on a variety of electronic media in support
   of eDiscovery and cyber security investigations
   - Implement the appropriate processes and tools to deliver sound
   investigations as well as analyze log files for activities surrounding
   security events.


   - Must have digital forensics experience (acquisition, analysis, and
   preservation of digital evidence)
   - Must have hands-on experience with Enterprise EnCase/FTK Data Recovery
   Software Tools.
   - Experience in Security Event Management Systems, Host & Network Based
   Intrusion Detection Systems and Log Management Systems
   - Familiarity with Zero Day exploits and packet level programming.
   - Strong understanding of web application security fundamentals and how
   to detect and exploit flaws in them
   - Must have a strong knowledge of TCP/IP networking and packet collection
   - Reverse engineering/exploit analysis experience
   - General understanding of X86 assembly language

Warm Regards,

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OSAIR Technologies.
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