Telugu Cinema News | Glamour Vs Performance | Sexy Telugu Actress
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Heroines are an essential feature to cinema. The role is now meant
more for glamour and glitz than performance. Can’t they make headlines
with their outlandish performance?
The last two years have seen many heroines from the North migrating to
South Indian Cinema like Anushka, Tamanna, Kajal, Ileana, (who lack
the knowledge of language they are working for) have influenced the
increase in glam quotient to performance oriented roles. Recently
South heroines like Priyamani, Trisha, Mamta Mohandas have also joined
the league.
Movies are all made for the heroes and heroine oriented scripts are so
rare except for a few like ‘Manthra’, ‘Anasuya’ and the upcoming
‘Arundathi’. Directors who meticulously write one line punches and
bring out stunning action sequence for the heroes turns out a blind
eye for the counter part, heroines. Especially, in the wake of star
successors debuting to the screen the focus is on the hero’s scope to
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