Can you send the resume to

 Location: Meadowlands area of New Jersey
Rate: $45/hour (Maximum)
Duration: 5 Months plus

 One of our clients has an employee who is going on maternity leave.  They
need to fill her role for at least 5 months until she returns (if she
returns).  This individual needs to be able to support their PSFT HRIS (HR,
Payroll Interface, BenAdmin) 8.3 (old) environment.

This person will be responsible for helping to maintain data integrity and
utilization.  Helping to generate reports (PS-Query, MS-Excel only) and
updating tables.  They will also be helping with troubleshooting application
issues and process issues.  They will also help make recommendation for
enhancements, provide some training, documentation, testing and
evaluation work as well.

While this person needs to know and understand PeopleTools and PeopleCode,
they do not need to know 'how' to code.  They need to understand the
workflow and how PTools/PCode are utilized within the system.  Must also
have SQR and AppEngine experience.

So this person will not be doing any development, but knowing these tool
sets will help them better understand the system they are supporting.

703 782 1027 x 901.

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