*Locals or need to go for the face to face on own expenses*

REPLY TO vi...@ambrosiainfotech.com

*Duration: 3-6 months                *

*Bill-Rate: $ /Hr inc. all on C2C*

*2 positions available*

*Location: Philadelphia, PA*

* *

*Commerce server 2007* (crucial)

*.Net smart client/window forms*

*C #*

*Web servers *

*Sql 2005*

*Communication skills and leadership abilities crucial*

*Talk the talk and walk the walk*

*There will be a high level of technical questions during the interview
regarding *commerce server 2007

* *

*Below are a few questions I had asked the manager regarding this Job: So
please qualify your candidates accordingly:*

   1. *Is Commerce Server 2007 deployed in an x86 or x64 processor
   environment?* We currently do not have Commerce Server 2007 installed in
   a Production Environment.  We are planning to use the x64 Processor
   environment.  Our Current application is Commerce Server 2002.
   2. *What areas of development will be the primary focus of this project?
   *We have 2 primarily solutions.  1 is using our existing Commerce Server
   implementation to enhance those features and secondly to start working on
   building out a Commerce Server 2007 Product Management tool.
      - *Building Commerce Server web applications and/or deployable pup
      sites. *Primarily will be building out a WinForms Product Management
      application to Manage the Catalogs, Inventory and Orders
      - *BizTalk adapter development for system integration (ie. CRM, LOB,
      or ERP). *Discussing option, haven't decided
      - *CS Agent API development (smart clients). *We will be building out
      our own Smart Client Applications using the API's and Web
Services provided
      by Commerce Server
      - *CS systems dev (i.e. Catalog, Inventory, Marketing, Orders, and/or
      Profiles) *Catalog & Orders.
      - *MOM 2005 development. *No
      - *CS 2007 Pipeline development. *Yes
   3. *What is your development environment? *

    - *Visual Studio 2005?  *Yes, current
      - *Visual Studio 2008?  *Yes, working on upgrade
      - *Visual Source Safe or Team System? *Team System

   1. *What server environment is Commerce Server using?  Win Server 2003 or
   2008?  *2003
   2. *What third party components are being used (if any)?  *Infragistics

* *

* *

*Warm Regards** *

*Vikas Aryan** *

*Ambrosia Infotech Ltd - 3086 "Synerging Minds"*

*Route 27, Suite No: 9,*

*Kendall Park, New Jersey 08824*

*609.662.1279 *230|| F: 609 228 4646*

*www.ambrosiainfotech.com <http://www.ambrosiainfotech.com/>*

*http://www.sarpit.com/KVikas.html* <http://www.sarpit.com/KVikas.html>


* *

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