Hello Associates,

*Start date Feb 2nd*

Deerfield, IL (near Chicago)

Pay rates $35 hr MAX

*****Consultant must come for face to face on own expenses*****

*1*)  (TAC Center) CCNA* or CCNP* - low to mid level engineers; working at
the customer headquarters

Providing on the phone tech support on the phone to remote people out in the
field related to *IPT telephony role out doing installation and turn up
activities* associated with *IP telephony roll out.*  Help techs out in the
field with wiring; *phone not* *connecting; troubleshooting; punch down
problems; physical connectivity* problems; *Good understanding IPT.*

* *

* *

*2)*  1 Sr. *CCNP tech to handle the 3 CCNA level techs*.  This person will
have *supervisory responsibility over the 3 CCNA Lower level phone techs*;

Start date Feb 2, 2009

Deerfield, IL (Burb of Chicago)

Bill Rate $50hr MAX

Thanks & Regards,
Fazal Mahmood I Technical Recruiter
Kolansoft, INC
(: 201-484-0340

Alternate: 201-706-9178

Fax 7:201-656-6696

*: fa...@kolansoftinc.com

Yahoo IMJ: fazal_kolansoft

Website: http://www.kolansoft.net


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