Location(State/city):New Jersey NJ/Others
Duration: 12 months


· Phase 1 of this project consists of the following:

o Analyze the current 2003 deployment in the enterprise. This will assist in 
the development of a migration strategy, plan, and cost analysis for subsequent 
phases of the project

o Recommend best practices for a new 2007 SharePoint migration and deployment

o Architectural design of newly created SharePoint 2007 deployment while 
determining if existing SharePoint 2003 separate physical location farm meet 
existing remote needs

Client will review the existing multi-server SharePoint 2003 deployment and 
determine needs to mimic the functionality and performance for migrating 
content and existing web part functionality to SharePoint 2007. The analysis 
will include interviewing appropriate company subject matter experts on the 
requirements for the migration to the new platform. The deliverable for this 
phase of the project will be a comprehensive report detailing the following:

· Identification of necessary hardware & software needs for SharePoint 2007 

· SQL Server 2005 SP2 – service ID configuration – database access rights 

· Detailed architectural documentation resulting from the interviews for the 
desired SharePoint 2007 infrastructure. 

· Document physical servers (topology) & logical architecture (taxonomy) for 
the existing SharePoint 2003 deployment and envisioned 2007 SharePoint 

· Evaluate existing Active Directory & SharePoint group custom permissions and 
document recommendations to meet best practices in the envisioned 2007 
SharePoint deployment. 

· Review existing multi-server topology & document recommended merge best 

· Review existing customer master page design with CSS customizations and 
document recommended best practice changes in the envisioned 2007 SharePoint 

· Determine upgrade process from SharePoint 2003 to SharePoint 2007 and 
document best practices, schedule, and resources required to facilitate the 

· Determine selective replication from SharePoint 2003 to SharePoint 2007 and 
document best practices 

· Determine existing functionality of custom web part for SharePoint 2003 and 
document any required changes to facilitate the upgrade to SharePoint 2007. 
This will include any associated costs and resources required to facilitate the 
migration of any custom web parts. 

· Document existing & future capacity plan (multiple content databases) 

· Determine extranet user access and authentication requirements (SSL) and 
document best practices to facilitate this access in SharePoint 2007.

· Review desired out-of-the-box or custom document approval workflows and 
document requirements, costs, and resources required to facilitate the 
development of any approval workflows.

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