Hello Associates,

I have a new req that I wanted to share with you.  This is with a client in
Minneapolis, MN for a 3+ month contract.  The details are below.

   - Looking for a candidate who has experience implementing *AccuRev
   configuration management* and *Jira issue tracking** **systems** **
   - Primary goals: *AccuRev is a software configuration management *system
   *integrated with the Jira* issue tracking system.
   - Both tools require upgrades, as well as upgrades to the integration
   between the two( *Accubridge)* and any performance-related add-on
   applications (*Accureplica). *
   - The project will be to stabilize the current versions, develop an
   upgrade plan, develop validation scripts, validate the applications and
   document the upgrade process, results and reports.
   - Secondary goals:
   - Evaluate the current environments and make optimization recommendations
   for ongoing enhancements and maintenance. Assess any pending trigger
   implementations and implement as appropriate.

Thanks & Regards,
Fazal Mahmood I Technical Recruiter
Kolansoft, INC
(: 201-484-0340

Fax 7:201-656-6696

*: fa...@kolansoftinc.com

Yahoo IMJ: fazal_kolansoft

Website: http://www.kolansoft.net


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