*F2F interview is must no phone interview. If you consultant is fine with
F2F send me resume ASAP on samee...@x-istech.com.

*Title: FileNet Specialist with Java expertise
**Location: Laurel, MD
**Duration: 6 Months*

*All Skills are mandatory:*

Java, JDBC, Serviets, JSP, ,NSF, FileNet P8 SDK Development (including CM,
PE and Workplace Tool Kit). IBM WebSplhere Application Server 6.0 and Portal
Server 6.0, IBM R.AD 7.0


*Description: *

Looking for FileNet Specialist with Java expertise to conduct tasks specific
to satisfying the coding needs to meet and improve the results currently
acquired through Webmap21WebMap2008 and FileNet Panagon 5.2, when FileNet
P84.0.1 is tested and deployed.

·         Able to Map all Cold-Fusion applications and objects within
Panagon Content Services 5.2 to P8 4.0.1 in the proper Document Classes.

·         Able to map existing Webmap Cold Fusion applications with 8 SQL
scripts that access a SQL Server FileNET repository.

·         Able to migrate the scripts to the new FileNET environment
preferably through the use of FileNET SDK and JAVA.

·         Able to create data extraction scripts on specific criteria to be
supplied by the Commission for external drives e.g., contract number, etc.


·         Strong Java programming knowledge

·         Development experience in server side technologies such as JSP

·         Familiarity with database technologies such as SQL and Oracle

·         Java, JDBC, Serviets, JSP, NSF, FileNet P8 SDK Development
(including CM, PE and Workplace Tool Kit). IBM WebSplhere Application Server
6.0 and Portal Server 6.0, IBM R.AD 7.0

·         Websphere Portlet development experience.


The individual must satisfy all or substantially all of the following:

·         A minimum 5 years of Experience in FiieNET SDI. development.

·         A minimum of 2 successful implementations utilizing the JAVA based

A minimum of 2 years experience developing workflows in FileNet P8 *
Certifications are desired in the following

·         CM Java API Programming 4.0

·         BPM Java API Programming 4.0

·         BP.M Process Design 4.0

·         P8 Web Application Toolkit (WAT) Programming 4.0

Thanks & Regards,

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