Hello Associates,

*Job Title: Sr. Level Tester - Back End + Documentation
Location:* Alexandria, VA
*Duration:* 1 year +

*                     *****CITIZENS ONLY****

*Projected Overview:*
Need a personality that is senior level, able to listen/learn, and does not
create personality problems on teams, etc.

*Specific Responsibilities:*
Work with developers and multiple teams to find software problems.

*Skills Required:*

   - Sr. Level (5 years) Back End Tester
   - *Web Services* and *GUI* testing
   - *Manual Testing* Environment
   - Develop Detailed Test Plans and *TEMPS (Test Evaluation Master Plan) *
   - *Validate Test* Plans throughout lifecycle
   - Create Test Cases
   - Create *Traceability Matrix*
   - *Integration* test experience
   - User Acceptance Test experience

Thanks & Regards,
Fazal Mahmood I Technical Recruiter
Kolansoft, INC
(: 201-484-0340

Fax 7:201-656-6696

*: fa...@kolansoftinc.com

Yahoo IMJ: fazal_kolansoft

Website: http://www.kolansoft.net


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