*Hi Associates , *

*We have the Urgent Need for the J2EE Backend Developer Her in NY. Below is
the Job Description if you have any Suitable Candidates for the Below Need
Please do forward to **sa...@gcp-inc.com *

*Note: Candidate should have a Previous Exp with Gov Project and Need Local
to NY Only)*

* *

*Position : J2EE Backend Developer (GOV Project Exp is Must)*

*Location : NY(Need Local Candidates only Please)*

Location:  75 Park Place, 5th FL, New York, NY 10007

*Duration : Long Term *

*Rate : Best *

* *

*MANDATORY SKILLS/EXPERIENCE **Note: candidates who do not have the
mandatory skills will not be considered.*

* *

   - A minimum of 4 years of experience in Java development for large-scale
   enterprise systems;
   - Experience in portal application development (preferably Vignette).
   - Experience in development and implementation of large-scale enterprise
   internet/intranet J2EE systems.
   - Working experience with JAVA Frameworks (Hibernate, Spring, Struts,
   - Experience working with the following technologies:

   - Commercial Application Portal (preferably Vignette)
      - Oracle
      - SQL
      - BEA WebLogic
      - UNIX
      - JSP/Servlets
      - Hibernate
      - XML/XSL

   - Excellent oral and written communication skills are required;
   - Solid knowledge of testing tools and techniques;


·Experience working on government technology projects with the City of New
York is preferable.

·Experience with search technologies and search implementation is beneficial
as well.

   - Experience with Interwoven TeamSite or other Content Management System
   - Experience with data integration systems.
   - A Bachelors or Masters degree in MIS, Computer Science, or equivalent
   experience is desired;


References should be provided from at least two former or current clients
where the contractor has performed the same or similar work. Provide the
name, address, phone number and e-mail address of the reference as well as a
brief description of the work performed.

Candidates should expect to be tested (e.g. given a programming task as part
of the interview).

* *

The primary role of the contractor will be:

   - Participate in development of systems design; this includes specifying
   the component packaged and custom applications, class diagrams, sequence
   diagrams, activity diagrams, etc.
   - Communicating risks and issues to project management
   - Coding and designing application
   - Using best practices for development
   - Perform unit testing and fixes during testing Phase
   - Document all coding and testing efforts


   - All documentation regarding system design
   - Requirements document
   - Data-flow Diagram
   - Class Diagrams
   - Activity and State Diagrams
   - Component Diagrams
   - Deployment Diagrams
   - Configurations
   - Build and unit tested modules for the system

Thanks & Regards,


*Sr Technical Recruiter *

*Global Computer Products Inc *

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*|Ph: 703-349-2318|Fax: 703 – 349 – 5760 |Email:
**www.gcp-inc.com|IM* <http://www.gcp-inc.com%7cim/>* : sandy_riex**  *

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