*Location: Sanjose,CA*

*This requirement is based on Mobile Chip Designing, So we need some
Engineering consultants who has completed their degree in Institutes like
IIT, REC,etc*

* **Required Skills*

. Strong 'Java' knowledge including some JVM knowledge (i.e., garbage
collection, threading, class loading, etc).

. Strong 'C' knowledge.

. Solid operating system fundamentals: memory management, threading,
concurrency, I/O, etc.

. 5+ years of software development experience. We need engineers with enough
experience to jump into tough problems.

. Ability to debug and track down subtle issues in an embedded software

*Desired Skills*

. Set-top box development - i.e. some OCAP API knowledge.

. J2ME, CLDC, or CDC experience.

. Experience with JVM internals.

*Second feedback:*

While all of these candidates seem highly skilled, they are lacking in their
embedded software experience. Specifically, I need people who have done
lower-level C development in addition to some Java application development
(J2ME or J2SE).

Thanks & Regards
Confab Systems, Inc

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