Hello Associates,

Location: Los Angeles

Duration: 12-18 Months

Title: Director of Software Engineering

*Please let me know if you have any candidates for the following
requirement. Note: Candidates MUST have experience with Auqalogic and must
have experience with the post-production process in the Media (preferably
television and film) industry. Please do NOT send me candidates who don't
have these qualifications. *

Thorough knowledge of post-production processes and technical expertise are
equally important.  People and project management experience is required but
no specific PM credentials are required.  *The consultant must know
media-based processing and media workflows.*

* *

Job Task:

   1. Identify and develop software tools for *Video and Audio group. *
   2. Develop interfaces to *New Technologies in POST *
   3. Develop internal *Media Asset Management* (MAM) system.
   4. Automation support as needed.
   5. Integrate *SOA to POST*

Required Qualifications:

   1. Experience with *Encode/Transcode processes *
   2. Software management
   3. Experience with *MAM*
   4. Post-production experience
   5. Experience in people and project management.
   6. Hands-on *C++/Java/Perl developer *
   7. Experience with *XML*
   8. 12+ years

Thanks & Regards,
Fazal Mahmood I Technical Recruiter
Kolansoft, INC
(: 201-484-0340

Fax 7:201-656-6696

*: fa...@kolansoftinc.com

Yahoo IMJ: fazal_kolansoft

Website: http://www.kolansoft.net


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