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Bill Rate: $40-45/Hr inc. all on C2C

*Location: HENDERSON, Nevada*

*Start Date:  03-01-2009 *

*End Date:  09-01-2009 *

* *

*Description *

*One of the nations leading IT staffing firms is supporting a client in *Las
Vegas, NV, client is seeking a RF Engineer.

* *


*1. Oversee O&M Services as team leader. *

*2. Operate and maintain the FES Subsystem electrical and mechanical
performance according to equipment specification. *

*3. Perform specialized preventive and corrective maintenance on FES
Subsystem. *

*4. Perform daily/weekly/monthly routine visual and recorded check of RF
equipment, including HPA status, TWT hrs and antenna status. *

*5. Perform scheduled TWT conditioning. *

*6. Perform scheduled check of power equipment and initiate repair
arrangements if required. *

*7. Provide subject matter expert support to CLIENT enquiries and
directives. *

*8. Perform a general electro-mechanical inspection of the RF terminal and
antenna. Investigate and report unusual sounds, changes in ambient
temperatures, debris or contamination in or around the antenna and ground
equipment. *

*9. Record HPA Operating Parameters Helix Voltage and Current, Beam Voltage
and Current, Body Current, Cabinet Temperature, Attenuation, Reflected RF,
Heater Voltage and Current *

*10. Record IF Input and Output levels. *

* *


*In addition to the general skills as defined, the RF engineer shall have
experience in: *

*1. Earth station FES and HPA operations and maintenance. *

*2. FES preventive maintenance, including HPA maintenance, receive system
maintenance including greasing. *

*3. FES system validation and verification. *

*4. Tracking, telemetry and control. *

* *


*1. Operation of the Gateway transmission links associated with Gateway
operations. *

*2. Perform preventive and corrective maintenance of all Gateway
transmission equipment as dictated by the maintenance manuals provided by
the equipment suppliers, the Operational Procedures, and CLIENT. *

*3. Perform enhancements to transmission systems as required. Work with
specific suppliers as required. *

*4. Provide subject matter expert support to CLIENT enquiries and
directives. *

* *


*In addition to the general skills as defined, the Data/Transmission
Engineer shall possess: *

*1. Experience managing transmission installations *

*2. Experience operating and maintaining transmission facilities including
end user equipment and transmission lines such as fiber, T1, DSL. *

*3. Managing LAN/WAN installations. *

*4. Operating and maintaining data network equipment such as Cisco switches
and Routers. *

*5. Configuring firewalls and defining/managing access control mechanisms*

* *

* *

*Warm Regards** *

*Vikas Aryan** *

*Ambrosia Infotech Ltd - 3086 "Synerging Minds"*

*Route 27, Suite No: 9,*

*Kendall Park, New Jersey 08824*

*609.662.1279 *211|| F: 609 228 4646*

* <>*

** <>


* *

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