* *I have a Direct Client Requirement for Oracle Aps DBA Architect. Please
get me the best resource for this position.

* *


Responsible for *development and operational DBA duties with a focus on
Oracle E-Business Suite applications and underlying database structure/data
model.  ***


List duties and responsibilities for job (approximately 6-8 essential
functions only).  Give duty or responsibility and how accomplished.  For

   1. Conducts complex and comprehensive studies to create a database design
   that meets customer requirements and company standards.
   2. Develops and maintains *physical database model*.
   3. Analyzes and implements *data security requirements*.
   4. Participates in setting and *exercising database administration
   standards, guidelines, and procedures*.
   5. Develops and implements processes and *procedures to monitor and tune
   6. Develops and implements Quality *Control processes and procedures to
   tune SQL code before implementing into production*.
   7. Designs, installs, *configures and upgrades Oracle Servers*.
   8. Coordinates the allocation of system storage and plans future storage
   requirements for the database, create primary database objects and modify
   the database structure.
   9. Performs analysis and documents and *presents database hardware and
   technology requirements*.
   10. Prepares work plans and time/cost estimates for proposed projects and
   development of databases.
   11. Reviews database development activities to assure conformance with
   design specifications.
   12. Performs analysis, design and code walk through.
   13. Participates in and integrates database design with data access
   development and implementation.
   14. Participates in the evaluation, selections and implementation of
   appropriate software products.


   - Strong ability to ascertain, interpret, design and document
   - Demonstrated knowledge and experience in physical database modeling.
   - Demonstrated knowledge of Information Engineering.
   - *Demonstrated knowledge and experience with Oracle database engine.*
   - *Demonstrated knowledge and experience with UNIX.*
   - *Demonstrated knowledge and experience with coding PL/SQL.*
   - *Demonstrated knowledge and experience with Oracle SQL tuning.*
   - *Demonstrated knowledge and experience with Oracle E-Business Suite.*
   - *Demonstrated knowledge and experience with tuning Oracle Engine and
   - *Demonstrated knowledge and experience in multi tier design and
   - *Demonstrated knowledge and experience with performance tuning
   application systems.*
   - Strong interpersonal skills, customer service and *team orientation*.
   - Effective listening, oral, presentation, and written communication
   - High level of motivation and commitment.
   - Strong time management and organizational skills.
   - Strong project management skills.

*The list of requirements, duties, responsibilities is not exhaustive but is
merely the most accurate list for the current job.  Management reserves the
right to revise the job description and to require that other tasks be
performed when the circumstances of the job change (for example,
emergencies, changes in personnel, workload or technical development.)*


Pavan Bandaru


Ph: 732-329-9145

Email: pava...@bccusa-nj.com

Web: www.bccusa-nj.com

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