*Please let me know if you have any one suitable for this position
*Senior Project Manager*

Project Duration: Multi-year

Project Rate: 60/Hr Inc

*Project Location:*

DNR - Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

101 S Webster Street






*Skills Set:*

Develop issue papers -10+ Yrs.

Document policies and procedures - 8+ Yrs.

Progress tracking - 10+ Yrs.

Risk management - 8+ Yrs.

Team building - 8+ Yrs.

All technical skills detailed on resume - Yes

Analytical/problem solving skills - 11+ Yrs.

Awareness of IT infrastructure - 6+ Yrs.

Excellent oral and written communication skills - 11+ Yrs.

Forestry Applications - 0+ Yrs.

Good organizational skills and attention to detail - 11+ Yrs.

Organization, project planning, presentation skills (PRB, management, etc.)-
11+ Yrs.

State Government Experience - 1+ Yrs.

Web and client-server application development experience, including
requirements gathering, design, - 8+ Yrs.

Develop standards - 8+ Yrs.

Project (MS) - 5+ Yrs.

Database design - 8+ Yrs.

Knowledge of Oracle PL/SQL - 2+ Yrs.

Understanding of MS.Net Framework - 3+ Yrs.

Web programming - 7+ Yrs.

Execution and Documentation of Regression, System & User Acceptance Test
Plans, Test Scenarios and T - 8+ Yrs.

In-Depth Knowledge of System Development Life Cycle Deliverables for each
Phase of Development - 8+ Yrs.

Develop test plans and procedures - 8+ Yrs.

Document test process and results - 8+ Yrs.

*Project Description:*

The DNR Division of Forestry is currently in the middle of a multi-year
project. Wisconsin Forest Inventory & Reporting System (WisFIRS) is a system
that will enable foresters to store data collected in the field, plan for
and track completed practices (e.g. timber sales), report accomplishments,
calculate the financial aspects of the programs (e.g. millions of dollars
collected and dispersed to towns and counties), and tracking MFL lands open
to hunting and recreation to name a few. This application manages core
business functions for public and private forest management in Wisconsin,
serving hundreds of DNR staff as well as our partners (county forests and
cooperating (consulting) foresters). Due to the importance of knowing where
on the landscape practices are being done, geographical information systems

(GIS) is being integrated throughout the system. WisFIRS is being developed
to encompass the business functions of 3 existing applications, which are
running on old technology, which is now at risk of failing. These
applications were different enough that field staff had to learn how to use
each application individually, making it incredibly cumbersome and in some
cases staff have to re-enter the same information up to 4 times, increasing
errors in the data. The WisFIRS project is taking the time to not only
re-write existing applications into new, current technology, but also
re-design workflows to gain efficiencies in the field, allow for easier
reporting, and increase access to the data.

Three of the Division’s current systems will be redesigned and integrated as
part of this effort.

1. RECON/Timber Sale - Public

2. Managed Forest Law (MFL) – Private Tax Law 3. PlanTrac – Private The
three legacy systems have a considerable amount of overlapping
functionality. This situation unfortunately results in unwanted duplication
of effort to complete some forestry tasks, which will be resolved by
WisFIRS. The new WisFIRS application is being developed using ASP.NET,
Oracle, ArcGIS Server and MS SQL Reporting Services.

We are looking for someone to work as a technical project lead on a project
with the following structure:

o 1 Project Manager

o 1 Business Analyst

o 1 ½ - 2 ASP developers

o 1 Technical Project Lead

The responsibilities associated with this position, including but not
limited to:

*System Design*

o Work with core team to assist in the design of the system.

o Ensure the functional requirements, alternative project strategies, design
specifications, etc., meet DNR’s strategic direction.

o Work with the Business Analyst and developers to design the Technical
Architecture (including infrastructure and technical direction).

o Work with Bureau of Technology Services and other IT staff on technical

o Handle complex application features and technical designs.

o Design and implement the components required for complex application

*Technical Project Management*

o Manage and prioritize multiple tasks.

o Build an effective team, assign tasks to team members, and evaluate

o Direct the day-to-day work of developers on implementation of design

o Evaluate and track progress of developers.

o Work with project manager to provide time estimates and track schedule
progress via appropriate metrics on the project.

o Identify, track, and ensure resolution of issues and removal of barriers.

o Work with developers to resolving/researching various technical issues
(e.g. Print to mail and printing microfiche).

o Follow standard project management industry practices such as the PMI’s

o Understand technical objectives of a project and work closely with project

o Work with project manager on documenting and managing scope.

o Lead the technical team meetings.

o Provide technical support to project team members.

*Communication / Documentation*

o Report progress of developers to the project manager.

o Prepare minutes for technical team meetings.

o Prepare documentation and issue papers as needed.

o Keep project manager informed of progress and issues as they arise.

o Working with project manager identify, document, and track issues that
come up on the project to ensure resolution and removal of barriers.

*Change / Risk Management*

o Organize, document and track technical issues that will need to be raised
up for resolution.

o Work with project manager to document and manage project risks and develop
mitigation plans.

*Transition / Testing*

o Work with project team in collecting, organizing, and transferring Access
database for Oracle conversion.

o Work with project manager to prepare and execute test plans for
preliminary, system and user acceptance testing.

In addition to the high level of technical qualifications listed in this
request, we are also looking for key interpersonal competencies for the
contractor we hire. Here is a list of the competencies selected for this

Big picture thinker - Conceptualizes and clarifies all of the forces
(internal and external events, entities and people) that are affecting or
are being affected by, the situation at hand.

Effective communicator - Drives free flow of timely and accurate information
and communication throughout the agency. Effectively communicates and
relates to a broad range of people.

Puts customers first - Strives to create the most value for the customer
(internal and external) which results in mutual long term success.

Demonstrates dedication to meeting the expectations and requirements of

Provides Clarity - Works to ensure that roles and responsibilities as well
as the value they provide are well communicated. Ensures that individual
team members understand objectives and measures for every project and team

Builds teams - Builds constructive and effective relationships with
colleagues at all levels. Advises and collaborates with others to develop a
stronger team and enhance team spirit. Sees team as a vehicle to achieve
agency goals.

Builds Trusting Relationships - Demonstrates leadership, fairness, and tact
with others, conveying appreciation and respect for others' values, ideas,
and perspectives. Facilitates teamwork and feedback from subordinates.

Results oriented - Is willing and able to be competitive and take risks in
growing the DNR’s credibility and success, while holding self and others
accountable. Seeks to accomplish critical tasks with measurable results.

Personally strives for excellence in performance by surpassing established

Fosters Information Sharing - Builds systems and discipline that
democratizes information, removing control and privilege around information.

Focuses information on serving the front-line managers where decisions can
have impact.

Thanks & Regards,

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