Please send resumes to *roger.k...@maxelor.com* <roger.k...@maxelor.com> .

Needs to be local to *NY or MA or MO.*
*Duration:-6 Months*

The Integration Planning *Business Analyst* will assist with the IT post
merger integration planning activities for Research and Development IT.

Creation of the IT planning artifacts involves:

·        Creation of work- package generation templates

·        Analyzing the gathered data

·        Creation of high-level work packages using the templates and the
analyzed data

·        Contribution to RFPs for additional vendor selection

·        Assembly of the detailed panning documents from the work packages
and other materials

Inputs to this process typically include:

·        Inventory of computer systems including lab automation systems and
facility support systems

·        Inventory of projects and project data locations by function

·        Inventory of IT assets

·        Inventory of computer systems including lab automation systems and
facility support systems

·        Identification of subject matter experts to capture institutional
knowledge for systems and data

The work of performing integration planning and generating acquisition
planning documents  is typically accomplished by an Integrated Planning Team
of contractors and Client colleagues.

The *business analyst* works directly with the Client colleagues who are
members of the Planning Team to perform the necessary assessments required
to generate a given plan. In order to help lead the assessments and
subsequent plan publication the *business analyst* must demonstrate seasoned
analysis skills, extensive document generation skills and have a deep
knowledge of the Pharma R&D business processes with an emphasis on discovery
and pre-clinical development.

The *business analyst* must be able to participate in the classification and
enumeration of systems and assets in order to provide sufficient information
in the plan to enable potential additional vendors to estimate the level of
effort and costs associated with bidding on potential work.  The *business
analyst* must be able to work with the existing IT organization of the
acquisition to create a meaningful data set that is suitable for planning
and vendor selection purposes.

The *business analyst* must quickly become familiar with Client processes
and procedures for the disposition of all asset classes, and other
requirements for the execution of the work program; and, be able to
demonstrate the ability to create reasonable assumptions when data is not
available. The *business analyst* is expected to participate in periodic
planning and review meetings with the Planning Team. Strong people skills
are needed in order for the *business analyst * to successfully carry out
the many and varied interactions required by the job.

It is highly desirable that the *business analyst* have pervious experience
with the execution of M&A programs within the  pharma/biotech industry..

The *business analyst* must have the ability to work productively in a fast
paced environment, and be able to produce high quality and reliable results
with minimal guidance from Client colleagues.

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