Hello friends am looking for the- Oracle DBA Need locals to WA

Oracle DBA in Seattle. *need someone who is local to the Seattle area*. Let
me know if you have anyone.

Rate * 40hr*

*Job Description:*

*Provide 24x7 on call support as part of a scheduled rotation with other
team members (note: a full rotation is a seven (7) day week which includes a

Provide advanced technical support for database related project activities.

Build and modify systems and database to meet project requirements.

Perform installs and upgrades of Oracle core software and other applications
using the Oracle installer in interactive and silent modes.
Understand and maintain database replication using Quest Shareplex, Oracle
streams, and Oracle materialized views.*

Perform installations and upgrades of third party software used in database

Participate in design and application review sessions.

Understand server clustering techniques and the impact on database
configuration and performance.

Manage standby databases, ASM, Data Guard, and Real Application Clusters.

Manage database backups and restores utilizing Hot Backups and RMAN.

Minimum Required Skills / Competencies:-*Competence with database commands
and utilities such as exp, imp, sql loader, etc*.

Competence with database administration tasks such as hot and cold backups,
database recovery, tablespace additions, etc.

*Advanced installation and configuration experience. Strong knowledge of
SQL*Net in a RAC environment.*

Ability to write, debug and tune SQL and PL/SQL packages, procedures,
functions, triggers, etc. Note SQL and PL/SQL scripting is a required part
of this job.

**Experience with database monitoring and performance tuning tools such as
EM, Dbtuner, Spotlight. Stats Pack, AWR, ADDM, ASH, etc. Must be able to
tune without the use of a GUI tool.*
Solid experience with the UNIX operating system (sudo, tar, cpio, sar,
iostat, vmstat, cron, etc.) and shell scripting (sh, ksh, csh, tsh, bash).
Note UNIX shell scripting is a required part of this job*.

Knowledge of physical and logical disk systems and their impact on database

Previous experience running Oracle RAC on Solaris/HP-UX/Linux.

Previous experience running an Oracle 9i/10g database on a Veritas clustered

Previous experience with RMAN backups both control file and catalog
configurations is required.

Disaster recovery experience in a DBA capacity required.

The position requires at least 5 years of similar work experience and the
specialized knowledge of a particular Vendor for which the position is being
posted. A Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or
related field is required.

Good understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle and the production
DBA's role in configuration and change management.

Five years in an HP-UX or Sun Solaris environment.

Five years progressive hands-on experience as a database administrator
working with Oracle.

Experience in an enterprise 24x7 environment.

Experience with databases containing multiple TBs of data.

Ability to work extended hours without notice in order to resolve issues.

Be available for inclusion in the on-call roster.

*Preferred skills:*

Multiple years experience installing, configuring, tuning, and resolving
problems with Oracle RAC, Data Guard, Oracle Streams, and Quest Shareplex.


*Best Regards*

Nihaki Systems,Inc.
Tel:  732  823  6471*103*

*Cell: 856-457-4875**
Fax: 732 438  6973
Email: **ch...@nihaki.com* <ch...@nihaki.com>
*URL: **www.nihaki.com* <http://www.nihaki.com/>

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